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Not only the Diablo is considered to be the only one great hack and slash PRG game. In 2009 Torchlight - the ambitious project from the developers of Diablo - became a hit at once and won a lot of prestigious awards. In fact, the game's developer is Runic Games, but this company consists of  former Blizzard staff. It is interesting that originally the game was designed as RPG for kids - with sweet graphics and nice music, - but then this project became much more serious, and now it can rival even the Diablo. Naturally after its impressive success the development team decided to create the sequel that was released on the 20-th of September, 2012. It took about 2,5 years to finish Torchlight II, but the result is really fantastic. The game will amaze all fans of this genre.


The developers tried to make every part of Torchlight II better than the first time, so new game has brighter and nicer graphics, updated list of weapons and items, completely new characters, interesting and full-fledged plot, brand-new multiplayer mode and a lot of advanced features. It is impressive, isn't it? Let's speak about each characteristic in detail.

Torchlight II tells us about Dark Alchemist - the hero of game's first part. The influence of Ember made him brutal and cruel, he destroyed Torchlight and is going to do evil everywhere. You need to follow him and stop his insidious plans, but be careful, because he is using strong Ordrak's power and also a lot of dangerous creatures will try to hinder you.


As far as you need to follow your enemy, you will have to get out from the usual dungeon and travel across various lands. In the game there are four parts, and each one takes you to the new location with rich forests, endless fields, immense deserts and the highest mountains. It is important that in Torchlight II you will have the map generator, and that's why some locations in the game are different each time you enter them. So you will enjoy Torchlight II even after second walkthrough. Also the change of night and day time and weather adds some unexpectedness, and the whole level of graphics was noticeably improved.


You will have to play for the representative of one game's class. This time four classes are available in Torchlight II game. Engineer is a steampunk character that does his best in the close-in fighting. He is able to create robots and fond of technologies. Outlander is an adventurer and romantic. He knows simple magic and good in distant fighting. Berserker looks like barbarian in many other RPG. He is almost invincible in hand-to-hand combat. Embermage is the wizard with unique abilities and inclination to distant fighting. This type of characters can use teleport to run away from enemies.


Not only new classes, but also new weapons appeared in the game. In addition to traditional sword, mace and axe, that is used for close-in fighting, now you can wear claws with fast and strong harm. For distant fighting you can use usual bow, arbalest and also brand-new pistol, blunderbuss and cannon. If you want to practice witchcraft, you can buy magic wand or staff. By the way, you can use two weapons simultaneously or replace one weapon with the shield. And of course you can buy a lot of fantastic items to increase your stats.


But not only your hero is powerful and cool, your enemies are also extremely strong and dangerous. And also they are very various. You will meet dark demons and ugly monsters, mighty giants and immense insects, eerie wizards and intense robots. Even simple chest can be super dangerous for you. Really, some chests are "sitting" along the road and "waiting" for negligent travelers.


But you are not alone in your adventure, because each character has his own pet. In Torchlight II there are 7 different types of animals: clever ferret, mysterious chakawary, artful cat, strong bulldog, predatory hawk, beautiful panther and dangerous wolf. Also you can invite your friends in the game - the multiplayer mode allows up to 6 gamers to play together. In multiplayer mode the enemies are stronger, but the reward is much more interesting. But the PvP mode is absent in Torchlight II.

There are a lot of different missions and side quests in the game. You can go by, but in this case you won't feel the whole striking atmosphere of the game. All missions are unique and different, so you won't be bored during the gaming process. So if you are fond of games where you need to click on your enemy dozens of times until he will die and gather wide set of loot, then this one will definitely rejoice you. You will have to pay $20 for Torchlight II - free download is not available. But we are sure that this game is worth its price.


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