Top-10 of the most attractive video game girls

Top-10 of the most attractive video game girls by  11236 views

Video games are supposed to be the entertainment for boys. So what are women to do? Well, during the last years girls often appear from the other side of the monitor's screen, being one of the side characters or even the protagonist of the video game. And we can ensure you, that they are playing this role brilliantly. 

The first playable woman appeared in the far 1982 year. It was Ms. Pack-Man in arcade game. In fact Ms. Pack-Man was almost similar to Mr. Pack-Man, but had the charming bow on her head. The name of the first action game's diva was Nina and she appeared in 1987 in the second part of Saboteur. In 1990-s and 2000-s the female characters almost completely disappeared from the monitors. But in the last few years the beauty and grace of gaming girls again rejoices the gamers. Which woman is the hottest? View our short top-list to find the most attractive one.

10. Momohime from Muramasa: The Demon Blade


The Japanese feel special affection to the female characters, and they often use the sweet and attractive girls in their action games. Also for some reason the most of the girls from Japanese games have big eyes. Maybe, they are sure that those eyes are the sign of the real beauty.

9. Rayne from BloodRayne


The vampires are always symbolized the deadly beauty, but never before the gaming vampire was so hot. This red-haired girl was the protagonist of the BloodRayne and the main reason of the game's popularity. Also Rayne appeared in three films, comic books and even on the Playboy's pages.

8. Tyris Flare from Golden Axe: Beast Rider


And again red-haired woman attends our top-list. This one was developed by Sega in 1989. Tyris Flare is an amazon with dangerous sword and bikini instead of armor. She has the fire-based magic and really can light on even the coldest heart.

7. Chun Li from Street Fighter


Chun Li was the first playable female character that appeared in the fighting game. This girl is very saucy and spicy, but also the beautiful and passionate one. By the way, she is also the main character of the film named by her.

6. Ada Wong from Resident Evil


In the Resident Evil there were two brilliant girl - Jill and Ada. We are sure that just Ada Wong can be named as a queen of this series. Sexy, elegant and totally dangerous girl with Chinese roots appeared in Resident Evil II and from this date is believed to be one of the most attractive women from the whole gaming world. By the way, the developers are promising that Ada will return to Resident Evil 6, that is going to be released in October, 2012.

5. Lady from Devil May Cry


Lady is the professional demon hunter, and she shows the wondering combat and acrobatic abilities. She is independent and self-made woman, but also she has tenderness and sensitivity. Lady's eyes are different colored. It is interesting, that Devil May Cry firstly developed as the part of Resident Evil series, but then the company's management decided to make this game separate. In other case maybe Lady would be the queen of Resident Evil.

4. Nariko from Heavenly Sword


This beautiful woman was designed especially for PlayStation 3. She has striking combat abilities and the magic sword from heaven. Nariko is the daughter of the clan's chief and she is fighting solo against the army of clan's enemies. She is very powerful and at once vulnerable and charming. By the way, her name can be translated from Japanese as a gentle child.

3. Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark


Joanna Dark is the protagonist of the science fiction video game Perfect Dark. In the first part of the story she fights against the corporation that was killed her father. While creating Joanna, the developers inspired by agent Scally from X-Files and the famous heroine from Nikita movie. And the name of this hot girl was taken from Joan of Arc - the Maid of Orleans.

2. Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII


You don't even need to play the Final Fantasy to be the fan of this series, because you may only look at the girls from it to feel the magic power of beauty. From series to series the heroines of the game become more and more attractive and in the Final Fantasy XIII we can enjoy the most delicate, sensitive, tender and sweet woman of the gaming world. Meet Lightening  - the second place of our Top-10.

1. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider


Lara Croft is one the most popular heroes of the gaming world. The first game with this womanly, but firm and strong girl appeared in 1996. It is interesting that the developers wanted to create the hero that looks like Indiana Jones, but at the eleventh hour decided to give the protagonist feminine appearance. It was really their best shot. By the way, new Tom Raider game is going to be released in 2013 under the Square Enix brand. Till now Square Enix was known as the developer of Final Fantasy.