They Bleed Pixels

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Every year the game design is improving, and the contemporary games sometimes look like the movies or perfectly developed cartoons. But we all remember the times when we had only 2D awkward pixel graphics, 16-bit consoles and a great fun from every game's cartridge. If you miss those times and like really old-school video games, then They Bleed Pixels will definitely become your favorite one.


They Bleed Pixels is an action platformer with 2D pixel art stylized graphics. It looks like the dinosaur from the previous century, from the time when the games were spread by cartridges and the PC was a luxury for an average person. And that's why it wakes up the nostalgia, and amaze even the most experienced gamers. Moreover, only experienced players can appreciate this really outstanding, uncommon and interesting platformer.


The story of They Bleed Pixels game appears in short silent cutscenes with different allusions on the works of science-fiction genre. For example, the school where the protagonist is studying, is named after Hearn Lafcadio - the writer from XIX century that is famous thanks to his Japanese ghost stories. Also classical "Awesome" exclamations, that can be heard after right kick, were replaced with "Eldritch" that directs us to the lexicon of Howard Lovecraft - respected weird fiction writer.


From the first cutscene you will get to know that the main hero of the game is a little girl, that accidentally takes mysterious bleeding book from the library. When she opens the book, her hands transform into pair of claws and now she has nothing to do except to kill everyone on her way with your help. After this short video you are getting into underground in purple color palette with a lot of obstacles on your way.


There is no weapon in the game, but using the claws and legs your sweet little protagonist can destroy anyone. Before you start the game, there will be the short lesson that will help you to learn the main skills of your character. To activate the basic stab you just need to move to your enemy. But there are several much more interesting combat skills like side kick, up kick, aerial stabbing or ideal dash. Using this arsenal, you can push your opponent off the platform, throw him up, kill him in the air or take a running attack. Also you can squat to avoid the enemy's counterattack and need to collect special signs to be able to make the checkpoint.


On the top of the screen there is the schematic claws, and you need to fill them up with collected signs. After, you can make checkpoint in any place and anytime. The checkpoints are like the breathes of fresh air, because the fights are really difficult and exhausting, and you can die almost anytime. Happily, your hero can be restored around the checkpoint as many times as you need. Not only your enemies, but the environment is dangerous for our little hero. From the first levels of the game you will get the full set of traditional platfromer's obstacles: slippery floor, flying planks, cutting wheels, bombs and spikes. They Bleed Pixels is the game for hardcore players.


But the game is difficult not only because of the developers' idea. The control system was designed as if this game is developed for the consoles. So, if you have no joystick, it will be extremely uncomfortable to kick your enemies and jump from one plank to another.

After the completed level you will get the detailed statistics of your game, so you can replay this level and improve your stats anytime. As the traditional platfromer from 90-th the game can be replayed a lot of times, and each time you will enjoy it. So if you are tired of contemporary games with perfect 3D graphics and dynamic cinematic plot, welcome. They will Bleed Pixels, when you start.


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