The Inner World review

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Living on the surface of the planet we can't even imagine, what can be inside it. However, the German Studio Fizbin knows more and has decided to show the beautiful and very special universe inside the planet to our outside world. Let's enter The Inner World and help its inhabitants to save it.


The Inner World game is an old-fashioned point-and-click adventure with various puzzles and very nice hand-made graphics. Of course, point-and-click games are not the everyone's cup of tea, but if you like this gaming genre, then you should obviously try to find out the secrets of the inner world.


The game begins with the prologue, in which you get to know the story of this marvelous universe - Asposia. The winds make Asposia live, but some time ago they left the planet, and now the world is not the same. The game's protagonist - Robert - is a musician, who lives with the leader of Asposia and loves him as a father. One day Robert meets a pigeon, but this sudden guest stoles the shiny pendant, and now our hero needs to take it back. But when Robert leaves the leader's castle and comes to the real inner world, he gets to know that here everything is different, and even his stepfather is not the one, who can be trusted. How to find out the truth about Asposia, its king and mysterious winds? Now the destiny of this wonderful world is in your hands.

On your way of saving the inner world, you will be trying to solve various puzzles and riddles, talk to the strange inhabitants of Asposia and pick up the incredible amount of different things. All the stuff that will be found on the streets of the inner world (or almost all) will help you to solve the next puzzle and, using your wit, complete the whole number of game's tasks. In The Inner World there is an interesting gameplay system. If you click on some object that can be interacted with, you get two icons, which invoke the actions you can do with this object. If there are more than two actions (for example, if we are talking about the subjects of dialogues), then they will be placed at the bottom of the screen. This system is unlike the ones that are developed in most point-and-click adventures, where different actions can be invoked by right and left buttons of your mouse, but it is easy to get used to it.


The puzzles in The Inner World are rather interesting and various, some of them are challenging and some rather easy. If you have the troubles with the current riddle or just can't get what to do next, you can use the in-game hints. By the way, the hints are absolutely correct, but not clear, so they don't make the game very easy and sometimes just give you the right direction, but not the ready answer.


It may seem crazy, but puzzles of The Inner World are the not the main part of this adventure, because the atmosphere and the beautiful graphics also play a very important role. The world around you is living, bright, interesting and unusual. The cartoon-like graphics looks extremely cute, and it seems that every piece of Asposia with all its splendid characters and fantastic environment was created very carefully. You will enjoy the 2D-decorations, the worms, socks and other garbage that will be used to solve the puzzles, and of course, the dialogues.


Each cue of Robert and the persons, whom he meets, is great. The language of the characters is extremely hilarious, and we are sure that you will like this a little bit strange, but very good sense of humor. By the way, sometimes the jokes are rather adult, so don't let the cartoon decorations convince you that The Inner World was created for kids. This game perfectly fits adult people with the good sense of humor and a will to plunge into a beautiful fairy tale of the world inside the planet.

In conclusion

The Inner World game is a carefully crafted story about the fantastic universe, which on closer examination appears to be the reflection of our world. Its great humor and nice graphics make the walk-through fascinating, and the puzzles won't let you be bored.