The Book of Unwritten Tales

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Fairytale is not only the place for epic fights and brave warriors. Humor, fun and crazy jokes are also suitable here. If you are fond of fantasy stories, especially The Lord of the Rings, but still have enough sense of humor to laugh at this genre, you will definitely like this game. 


The Book of Unwritten Tales is full of allusions, references and parodies on different games and pop-culture. Here you will recognize the influence of The Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones stories, find a lot puzzles similar to the ones from other adventure games and enjoy the delicate humor. This game will definitely make you smile, if you, of course, is able to laugh at yourself and know a lot about adventures and RPG-games. And also you will have a chance to spend magnificent approximately 15 hours, solving smart puzzles and walking around the colorful animation medieval world.


The Book of Unwritten Tales tells us about long and exhausting war between good guys - Alliance - and bad guys - Shadow Army. One special artifact can end this war, and you need to deliver it to the right hands. Ironically, the described artifact is A Ring, just like in another famous fantasy story. The protagonist of the game is a gnome named Wilbur. He has no special abilities, but cherished dream to become a hero, and with your help this dream may come true. Together with Wilbur you will need to manage two other heroes - Ivo and Nate. Ivo is an elf with bright red hair and attractive hips - almost the traditional female personage of the games. She is travelling with a little funny bird. Nate is an airship commander. He also has a pet - the nice and fluffy something. Switching between these heroes, you will need to get over the thorny path and keep A Ring safe until the end of the game.


Each character in this game is really lovely and unique, so it is interesting not only to play, but to watch The Book of Unwritten Tales. The tempers of protagonists differ from each other, but each one is funny and nice. The other personages are also magnificent and picturesque, and that's why it is so pleasant to travel around the pages of this "book". For example, you will meet fat Brewer that drinks a lot of beer almost every minute, and also Death that is wearing charming bunny-slippers. We advise you to look closely to the details in this story, because each tiny attribute, that appears in the game, well thought-out and will make you smile. Also it is recommended to listen to the dialogues - the characters are voiced by professional actors and so, this game sometimes looks like fascinating cartoon.


Not only the characters, but every item on the background was worked out with the great diligence. The graphics is bright and colorful, every detail is on its place and the whole picture is delightful, fascinating and lovely. Sometimes you will feel the dark sense of endless war, but most of the times you will be the part of a nice cartoon. The animation also deserves the highest marks: the characters of the game are always moving. They are sighing and turning from side to side, speaking and laughing, scratching and smiling. We can ensure you that these heroes are full of surprises.


And finally let's say some words about the essence and kernel of the adventure games - about the puzzles. The puzzles in The Book of Unwritten Tales are logical and a little bit too simple. Some of them were stolen from another adventure games (well, the developers are disposed to say that the game has references on many other games of its genre), some has many hints and tooltips. For example, it is easy to combine different items from the inventory, because if they don't fit, you won't be able to click on them. Also several tasks test not only your brain ability, but reflexes and even luck.


If you are fond of complex adventure games where you need to beat your brain out for many hours, this one is not for you. The Book of Unwritten Tales is the nice entertainment and joyful journey and it won't make you bother your head too much.

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