The Amazing Spider-Man. Really amazing

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While the next gorgeous movie about Spider-Man Superhero is winning the cinemas all over the world, the game developers from Beenox have another thing to amaze us. Totally new video game about Peter Parker - the guy bitten by radioactive spider - and his unbelievable abilities has just released. The Beenox has named this game "The Amazing Spider-Man". And it is really the amazing one!

It took the developers 2 years to create this completely new game. New combat system, new freedom of choices for gamer, new missions, features and tricks create totally new generation of games from Marvel universe. Even if you are not a fan of Peter Parker, you will like this amazing world. On the 26-th of June the game was released for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 systems, and on 10-th of August PC-gamers will have a chance to feel themselves like superheroes. 


The game has the original scenario, inspired by the movie of the same name. The story occurs after the events, described in the movie. The Lizard - doctor Connors - is harmless now, but Oscorp corporation created several new cross species and these creatures accidentally escaped from the lab. Together with very aggressive cross species a lot of modern robots are going to frighten the citizens. The robots are programmed to find all cross species, but actually they hunt only our hero - Spider-Man, because he is also a hybrid between a human and a spider. All the city is in danger, and also the beloved girlfriend of Peter Parker is in the thick of things. This situation brings a little bit drama to the action game. While Spider-Man is trying to destroy his main enemies, a lot of side missions appear. So the gamer should not only kill the robots and cross species, but also save citizens from bandits and thieves. So, are you ready for this adventure?

New York city at your feet

As we mentioned before, there are a lot of side missions in the game, and any time you can choose the one you like. All the New York city is created just for your hero, so you can go anywhere and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes at your feet. The playground is really fantastic, and we are sure, that The Amazing Spider-Man is the first game where you are so close to the Manhattan.


Web Rush

The most expected function of The Amazing Spider-Man is Web Rush - the ability to swing on the web moving the playground. You can clutch at the wall, the roof, the car, the street lamp and so on. You can use this feature during the combat to avoid the kicks from your enemy or to get ready for the powerful attack.  


Web swinging can be automatic or manual. Anytime you can pause the game and pick up the destination you want to move to. In manual mode you will see the bright targets. You can choose the close target or the one that is situated far from your place. In the second case the Spider-Man will automatically create the way and will move to the destination like a real acrobat. 


Every movement of Spider-Man is spectacular and agile, well, just like the movement of a superhero. Also the camera in the game deserves the full marks, so while playing you will feel yourself like a part of the movie.


The combat system consists of striking and dodging and looks like the one from Rocksteady's Batman. While the combat in Batman actually looks more exciting, here you can shoot webs to catch the enemy. Sometimes the combat looks like the breakdancing, because your hero is making really acrobatic tricks. After the successful combat you will get some experience and scores, and so you will be able to upgrade your abilities. 


Some combats will be very simple, but your main enemies are smart and dangerous. They make the game exciting.



In The Amazing Spider-Man you have one another interesting device - OS-Phone - the phone from Oscorp corporation. Using it Spider-Man can communicate with his girlfriend, receive emails and navigate through the city. The gamer can open the map of the city from this device and check the missions, which are waiting for him. Well, it's just like in the real world. But the people at the streets bring us back to the imaginary city - they are far from the reality. They are running somewhere without any reasons and really don't fit this smart game.

This video is from developers diary and shows how to use different special features of the game:

In the conclusion

New game from Beenox is obviously worth your time. The fantastic graphics and sound, authentic features and interesting missions will bring you a lot of pleasure while playing. And if you are fond of Spider-Man story, then maybe this game will become your favorite one.

The official trailer: