Sleeping Dogs: the Hong Kong's hell

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Have you ever dreamed to be the protagonist of the crime action movie? With newly released Sleeping Dogs game everyone will have a chance to feel himself like a real covered cop in the heart of gangsters' group from Hong Kong. This adventure seems to be really impressive.


First time the game was announced in 2009 as a reboot of True Crime series. The original scenario was close to the current one, and the game's working name was True Crime: Hong Kong. In 2011 Activision - the owner of True Crime series - decided to cancel the development. Six months later Square Enix got the game's publishing rights and finally in 2012 the game was announced again as Sleeping Dogs. Last week Sleeping Dogs entered the market.

This game took a lot of advantages from the different games' styles as well as from the games themselves. Sleeping Dogs is an action game with sophisticated combat system, street racing game with cars, motorbikes and yachts, and RPG with interesting development system of character. At the first sight Sleeping Dogs looks like the clone of GTA with Chinese mood, but in fact this game is much more deep and exciting. For example, the combat system in Sleeping Dogs is partially similar to the Batman's one, and that's why the fighting in the game looks very impressive. The open-world and perfectly designed side missions add some points to this game's score too.


The scenario of Sleeping Dogs looks like an Asian action movie. The protagonist is Wei Shen - covered police officer from USA, but with Chinese roots. He is working undercover in the Sun On Yee Triad - the powerful crime organization. It is interesting, that here we can see the reference to the real-life Hong Kong Triad - Sun Yee On. In the game you will need to act like policeman and gangster simultaneously. You will need to win respect of the criminal boss and also cope with your dangerous police task. And together with complicated job you will have some leisure time for street racing, games and women.


Combat system

When you are a part of gangster's world, you have to fight almost every minute. And in Sleeping Dogs you will be doing it in stylish and impressive manner. At the beginning of the game the combat system is rather poor, but Wei Shen will be improving his combat skills from level to level, so the combat will become more and more exciting. The main feature of the fighting system is the ability to use any objects during the combat. You can pick up a stick and belabor your enemies with it, or you can lift your opponent and put his head in the fan. Those tricks look a little bit brutal and bloody, but when you are a half-cop and half-gangster, you have no time for sentiments. Also you can take the weapon from fallen opponents and use it immediately.


All these skills are useful for one of your hobbies - street fighting. Attending street fights, you can earn some money and respect. For the most convenient fighting you can use Slow Motion option. In this case your strokes will be also very spectacular. By the way, the combat actions based on the real ones, because George St-Pierre  - famous mixed martial artist - consulted the developers during the game creation.


Street racing

Your hero's life is fast and dangerous, and so are the cars from the game. You can pursue your enemies and take part in street racing tournaments, driving fast and gracefully. You can take any car you want, and there are more than 60 different automobiles in the game. Also you can drive motorbike or yacht.


If you are travelling with your friend or partner, you can entrust the driving to another person, while you are shooting the enemies in persecuted car. If there is no weapon - don't give up - you can take the opponent's car off the road. And even when you have no automobile, you are still very dangerous hunter, because you can run, jump and slide in the very striking way.


Side missions

As we have already mentioned, Sleeping Dogs is the open-world game, so here you can go anywhere you like and do anything you need. There are a lot of side missions in the game, and until you are passing them, your score is increasing. You will need to fight the Triad's enemies, help your colleagues from police office with their investigations and also live the full life of real gangster. You can spend your leisure time in the various ways: singing karaoke, taking part in the cock fights, attending the street racing or street fighting clubs and also play card games. In the game you will meet several attractive women and you will have a chance to choose one of them as your girlfriend.



You thought that police officer has another life, aren't you? This TV advertisement tells exactly the same:

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