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There are a lot of tower defense games, but each one has its unique atmosphere and story. If we are talking about Shad'O, here we have really special scenario that makes this game outstanding and interesting. If you are a fan of the tower defense games, then this one will be the very nice present for you and the brilliant way to spend a lot of time trying to defense your areas from the shadow monsters.


The story and atmosphere are the main trump cards of Shad'O. The protagonist of this game is William - small boy that has lost his memory. He can't remember anything from his past, and you need to help the boy to find out what has happened to him. The story appears from the dialogues with William and his teddy-bear, that will help you to understand what you need to do in the game. Each level you will protect the light of boy's memory and try to win it back from the shadow monsters of oblivion. If you succeed in this task, then the boy will get new piece of his memory. Passing level by level, you can collect each piece of the puzzle and finally get to know what has happened with William's memory.


It goes without saying, that the scenario of Shad'O is very interesting not only for the tower defense game, but in general. It is the plot, that makes this game unique and special. Also the story leaves nice aftertaste and the shadow of mystery, so you will be passing this game willingly trying to get to know new details of the William's past. But if we forget about the story of Shad'O, it becomes rather traditional and usual tower defense game.


Each level starts on a little island, that is almost totally dark. You have the beam of light - your memory, and you need to illuminate the rest of the territory, using different towers. Little by little you will conquer new areas, destroying the dark shadow monsters, and your island will become lighter. But before everything is dark, and that's why at the beginning of the level you don't even know where are the roads on the island, so you need to guess how your enemies will be arriving. Be careful, if you let the shadow monsters go to the light, the battle will be lost.


From level to level the number of towers increases, and new towers have new features. For example, using one tower you will be able to stun enemies, using another one - to hurt them with the beam of light. You need to find an optimal combination of different towers and place as many of them as you can. But placing the tower requires additional fee, so you need to farm the light before. For this operation you can also use one of your towers. Place the towers gingerly, because the light is finite, and you should farm it faster than spend.


New levels bring new upgrades and spells. Spells give you additional features, but require additional resource. To use magic, you have to collect the souls of dead opponents. But this operation is not automatic - you need to move mouse above the small balls, that represents the souls, to take them. Hurry up, because the souls will disappear in a few seconds after your enemy's death, and you won't be able to use them for magic.


Together with standard levels you will be able to pass the special ones. Special battles are more difficult than the usual levels, but you can get fantastic bonuses, if you succeed in them. Also in some levels you will meet bosses - an unusual element of tower defense game. With this little additions the game becomes much more interesting and also stands out against the other similar games. And of course it is one of the reasons you need you try yourself in Shad'O.

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