September previews

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This autumn is going to be very hot for gamers. Lot of different games for all tastes will be released in September, so you need to start planing your gaming schedule right now. But before this fewer starts, let's look closer on the most interesting games which are going to be released this month.

Black Mesa Source

It is really hard to find a person that has never heard about Half-Life. This extremely popular game is a legend in gaming world, and that's why a lot of players are waiting for its remake with anxious delight. The developers of Valve Corporation announced Black Mesa Source - new version of Half-Life - in 2009, but then the release date was shifted several times and finally on 14-th of September, 2012 this game will see the light.

The official trailer:

The story of Black Mesa is completely similar to Half-Life's one, but here the developers changed the graphic engine and redrew almost every map and texture. The gamers will be able to enjoy new gameplay and new levels, and again play the role of cult Gordon Freeman. Several new screenshots have already appeared in the network, and the game's graphics looks really better, but some boxes and other stuff remained almost the same as in 1998, so it seems that Black Mesa Source may become another one Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Let's wait the release date to find out the truth, but by this time Valve announced a pretty good detail about Black Mesa: this game will be free.


Borderlands 2

In 2009 Gearbox Software decided to unite shooter and RPG games and released Borderland that became unexpectedly popular. On the 18-th of September, 2012 the second part of this brilliant game will be available for sale. The developers are promising more than 58 hours of exciting adventure with new weapons, new characters, new abilities and new story.

The official trailer:

Now you will have to fight against Handsome Jack and a lot of other smart and interesting opponents. To start, the player should choose one of four protagonists, that were completely redesigned in the game. First one is Salvador that will replace Brick from the first Borderlands. The second one is Maya - siren with new skills and abilities. Third character is commando Axton, that looks similar to the one from the previous game, and the last one is assassin Zer0 that will be able to become invisible for a short time. The gameplay was changed slightly, and the developers proudly announced that in Borderlands 2 there will so many weapons, that everyone will find the favorite one.


World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

The main MMORPG of all times - World of Warcraft - soon will acquire the new add-on that is called Mists of Pandaria. Pandaria is a new continent with bright and colorful landscapes that has never figured in the game before. Also here we will see new race - pandaren - the native of described continent. Moreover, new playable class - Monk - will appear in World of Warcraft. The maximal level of character also increased - so now you are able to reach 90-th level and gain even more experience. By the way the gamers will get new ways to show their talents, because the developers promised to add several new dungeons, battlegrounds and raids.


The beta version of Mists of Pandaria have been already released, but it is really full of numerous bugs. Hope that till the release date - the 25-th of September - the developers will fix at list the most critical ones.

Official cinematic trailer:

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

Those who fond of adventure games also need to prepare for new gaming autumn, because long-awaited The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is going to be released on the 20-th of September. This game is a classical adventure with a lot of dialogues and puzzles, mysterious scenario and beautiful design. Here Sherlock Holmes will be not only the famous and honorable detective, but also the main suspect, and even his best friend - Watson - will have doubts about our character.

The official trailer:

The game is full of mystery and riddles, and to succeed you will have to use your brain maximally. You will need to talk a lot and question suspects and witnesses, and this task will be rather difficult. The dialogues change according to new clues and facts, and you need to find really right tactics to find out the needed answers. Also you will be searching for clues and evidences, pursuing potential suspects, visiting crime scenes, solving puzzles and making up the conclusion. So turn on your deduction and prepare for the magnificent adventure with the most brilliant detective of all times.


PES and FIFA 2013

Autumn is the traditional release date of football simulators - PES and FIFA. This year both developers were trying to improve the artificial intelligence of the football team (yours and the opposite one), first touch abilities and control system. As the demo versions show EA - the developers of FIFA 2013 - were more successful, and this game has already received a lot of positive reviews even before the official release date. The opposite team members react very realistic in the FIFA 2013 demo, and also all football players move spectacular and elegantly. But the design remained completely the same both in FIFA and PES.


PES 2013 looks like its previous version, but however some changes are present. New Player ID option provides several tricks of famous football players, the control system was changed for the better, and the faces of football fans became more detailed. The fans of the game are waiting for the release date - the 21-th of September - and hope that the final version will be worth the expectation. FIFA 2013 is going to be released on the 27-th of September.


Our preview list shows only several exciting games that will be available in September, but as you can see even these ones will rejoice gamers with different preferences. Follow our reviews to find out more thrilling details about the most interesting games.