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Somehow only even games of Resident Evil series become really successful. In 2012 Capcom released the sixth version of its famous project, but suddenly it caused very different reviews and opinions.


The developers wanted to please each gamer, that was playing any Resident Evil version, so they combined almost all interesting features of the previous games. New project has the characteristics of not only the traditional for this series survival horror genre, but also a lot of action elements and even some signs of RPG. But you can't be nice for everyone, so a great part of critics and fans started to berate Capcom, blaming them for opposite reasons. Some people are sure that series played out, and the developers are going over and over the old game. Another critics demand to return the traditional atmosphere of horror and tension instead of explosions and infinite fighting. Is the game really so bad? Let's try to find out the truth.


The plot of Resident Evil 6 takes place 5 years after the events of the fifth game's part. The story is again about zombies, viruses and conspiracies. The game is divided into four parts, and each part has its own characters, scenario and atmosphere, but sometimes they are crossing each other in a very amazing ways. Only after you pass all episodes, the puzzle will become entire.


The protagonist of first campaign is Leon. The mission starts when your hero is going to visit the president, who decided to reveal the truth about the incident in Raccoon city. But suddenly Leon finds out that the president is not a human anymore, because he mutated. Leon will be traveling across eerie and dark cities, meeting zombies, disgusting creatures and dangerous monsters. Helena - another one important character of this campaign - will be helping him during the whole game.


This campaign returns us to the traditional for this series survival horror genre. You will be playing in the strange, mysterious locations, where everything is possible and it is really hard to survive. You will need be saving the ammunition, solving the puzzles and trying not to go mad in this scary and nasty place. It will take you about 6 hours to finish this mission, and then you will be ready for the next one.


In the second campaign you will be playing for Chris with a little help of his partner named Piers. This part is a classical action, far from the traditional genre of Resident Evil game. You will need to shoot, fight and run, leaving the pools of blood and the scorched earth. This campaign is interesting because of beautiful and dangerous enemies, that will be waiting for you around every corner. You and your partner will be struggling against terrorists and their mercenaries. They were infected by virus, and now are able to mutate and grow the limbs. If you cut the arm of your opponent, it can turn into ugly, but very effective feeler. You can shoot the legs of mutated monster, and he will turn into huge dangerous spider. Repulsive monster with the human body looks extremely disgusting, so be careful when you are trying to shoot down you enemy.


Third mission is for Jake and Sherry, and Jake is a brand-new character of the series. We know that he is the son of Albert Wesker, but he doesn't suspect about this relationship. Our protagonists have been infected by virus, but somehow terminate its action. Due to mutation in their bodies, they are very strong, and perfect in hand-to-hand combat. Also Jake knows several kung-fu holds. And like the characters of previous campaigns, they will be travelling across Europe and China, fighting against ugly monsters and endless number of zombies.


And finally the last mission is single and was created for one of the most attractive women in the whole gaming world - for Ada. This mission was developed as bonus one, but even here the developers from Capcom did their best. There will be a lot of intersection with first three parts, and finally everything will become clear. Ada will be fighting alone, but as we have already mentioned, all other heroes will have the partner. The cooperative mode allows playing the game with a real ally, but if you are solo, the artificial intelligence, that has become much more advanced this time, will replace a real gamer.


In conclusion

The game is a lit bit too long, because it contains a lot of genres and storylines. It seems that the developers were trying to please very different gamers, but in fact almost nobody will find something, that is important only for him. Resident Evil 6 is universal, and so it isn't unique and amazing. But nevertheless, if you are the fan of Resident Evil series or liked only one of the previous games, you need to try it and we hope you won't regret.

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