Prototype 2: bloody slaughter once again

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In 2009 the Prototype made a splash among the fans of action video games. Exciting and fresh plot, nice graphics and a lot of bloody combats allowed this game to become the significant example of modern gaming art. No wonder that the developers of Prototype - Radical Entertainment - wanted to ride the gravy train once more. They upgraded the Prototype 1, changed the protagonist, created new story line and released Prototype 2 on the 24-th of April for all console gamers. On the 24-th of July Prototype 2 became available for the PC-players as well. But before the developers had a chance to celebrate the finish of this great project, Activision - the parent and owner of Radical Entertainment - closed this company because of economic unprofitableness of the Prototype 2. Is it really so bad? Let's try to find the answer.


The main character of Prototype 2 is James Heller - the Iraq veteran, who's family was killed by the Mercer's virus. It goes without saying, that Heller wants revenge, and that's why he's going to find and kill Alex Mercer - the protagonist of the first Prototype game. But when he finally caught up Alex, the forces were not equal, and Alex infected Heller and transformed him into the monster. Now Heller understands that everything is not so simple, as he was sure before, but still feels that Alex Mercer is a threat for not only the New York Zero, but also for the whole planet. Hope that you will help Heller to save the world this time.


Shortly before the release date, this fascinating "movie" appeared in the web:

With new hero in Prototype 2 we have new abilities and combat skills. The most significant one is the Tendril power that allows Heller tearing apart big vehicles, destroying huge infected monsters and even fighting with a large group of soldiers. To get this fascinating power, you need to kill Hydra - the boss from one of the first missions. Another interesting option, that appeared in Prototype 2, enables using two skills simultaneously. Now you don't need to switch between different weapons during the combat - you can use them all to plant the seeds of chaos around your hero as heavily as possible.


You are feeling the excitement and your fingers are itching in expectation of the bloody battle, aren't they? But we have to disappoint you - this whole impressive arsenal of fantastic abilities and skills is almost useless in Prototype 2, because there are no interesting missions, no dangerous bosses and no artful enemies. You just have to pass practically similar missions and destroy the same opponents. How boring!

Yes, maybe the first and the second mission will be interesting for you. But then you'll notice that they are almost the same, and the intrigue is totally absent. The side missions are absolutely awful, and it seems that they have one scenario. You need to find some person, absorb his memory, DNA and appearance, then go to the secret lab, open it, using the ability to shapeshift between your victims, and then kill the random scientist from this lab. And again, again and again.


But the shapeshift ability is really interesting. You can use it not only for combat, but also for hiding from the opponents. When you look like an average person, the soldiers are not interested in you. So if you can't avoid the pursuit, just change your appearance, and you will be safe. The absorption is usually accompanied by the stream of memories, that looks like the flash-back. Using the memories you can understand what is happening in the mysterious New York Zero and act to prevent the massive disaster. The story telling with flash-backs of memories is really interesting in Prototype 2 - well, in this case the sequel repeats the original game. The same is with open-world - this option is really cool, but we have already seen it before.


So, what is the conclusion? The Prototype 2 doesn't look like the Prototype 2. This game is just the Prototype 1 with new protagonist. The Prototype 1 was the hit of 2009, but the time is passing, and new games need to be much more updated. Nevertheless, if you still dreaming about Alex Mercer's bloody combats, the Prototype 2 will rejoice you for a while.

The official trailer:

And this humorous video shows, why actually Alex Mercer deserves death.