Old games get new lives

Old games get new lives by  4973 views
Almost every child played Sega or Dandy consoles in the childhood, and of course remember the good times when the dog shoot the brazen was the best fun and pass the levels Aladdin was really difficult.
The other day I came across a very interesting piece. Some kind person ported Dune 2 in browser-based game, where there nebhoditmosti search emulator and correct image. Just simply go to the link and start playing. So who will be the main house on the planet? Atreides? Ordos? or house Harkonnen?


And who among us does not remember the good old shooter Contra? Hours spent in an ecstasy of the chaos and adrenaline, which is now called the fashionable word "action".And it will not fight the snipers in Battlefield and unstopable dying of allies in Call of Duty. This game has coached our reaction when Doom and Duke Nukem were distant projects. We present Contra: Evolution, which can already be downloaded from the App Store, Android and even some stores.

We now turn to more recent hobbies PC owners. Back in 1998 the company Valve released Half-Life, which has become a legend and a hit for many years to come. A young graduate of the MIT during the experiment "Black Mesa" falls under the pressure of a huge number of aliens and mutated humans. Simple physics in glasses take ordinary crowbar in his hands and crushes all with incredible strength and skill. This was only the beginning ...
It has been 15 years, and now you have an official reason to buy a OS X PC or netbook. This weekend Steam release the game's version for Mac, Although it should has been done long time ago and now make the iOS version. But do not judge us. Scrap, lambda, headcrabs!