My Lands: a game where everything is decided by time

My Lands: a game where everything is decided by time by  7234 views

Each of us needs a home. Even better - a city. And even more - the own online empire, where you can play by your own rules and even earn the real money. This idea was realized by the developers of a browser real-time strategy game - My Lands. Let's see whether they have succeed in it or not.


My Lands gives the user a possibility to choose the race and the game’s server, i.e. you can customize the project from the beginning. You are choosing who is sympathetic for you - The Elves, The Demons, The Dark Elves or The Knights, and - welcome to the world of the nice graphics. The pixel art, the style in which the game is made, creates the feeling of the fireside comfort in the city, but when you look at the map this graphics allows you to see the full extent of your own and other people's possessions.

The game begins with a dive into the world of the dark and the light forces, which are fighting for the mysterious Black Pearl for centuries. You are learning the history of your race and meeting an Advisor - your assistant for all stages of your skills’ developing for being a good warrior and a ruler. My Lands’ developers have made the game the most comfortable for beginners. The Advisor will help you to build your first city, and you will be able to choose a Mentor - a more developed colleague in the game, - and the high and mighties won’t be able to attack you unless you develop yourself to the same level. 


While your city will be transforming from a small settlement to a strong and prosperous capital of the future empire, you will be able to explore the new territories, meet other players, join clans and search for treasures. In My Lands the main resource is time, and everything is built so that players do not lose a minute. But it’s not obligatory to be in the game all the time. In the evening, you are starting to build a construction or exploring a new territory, and in the morning you are enjoying the result. The important thing here is just to start in time!

To build your own successful strategy in My Lands game may not seem to be the easiest task: you see the unknown territories, there are lots of allies and enemies around the city, and somewhere on these maps the Ancient Ruins, the Abandoned Mines and mysterious Salt Lakes are hidden. In fact, everything here is as in the life: if you want to go far, go together. The strong alliance with other players opens the most exciting part of the game: battles for the Black Pearl, victories and conquests, as well as the participation in full-fledged tournaments and clan wars.

It’s unbelievable but true: you can get the real money for all these fan things. The developed strong cities, the new conquests, the defeated monsters and the rewards for acts of bravery in the tournaments can become a good source of the income. The in-game currency - Black Pearl - can be converted to real money and transfered to e-wallets. So it seems to be a nice feature.


In My Lands game each player builds his special and unique world, in which he wants to return again and again. Indeed there is a real feeling that you have created all these things by your own hands and now it depends on you how your city, your clan and your land will be living and developing. Someone may consider it to be the disadvantage, but there is no pretentious graphics, the bloody fights or the heartbreaking music. In My Lands there is the beauty and the harmony of the well thought-out strategy, the teamwork and the wise policy. In My Lands you find yourself in the own fantasy world that exists on your terms.

In conclusion

My Lands game is a great fantasy world, where everyone will be able to build his online empire that will be actively developing and even bringing the income. The large opportunities of the diplomacy, the flexible development of heroes and cities, the ability to follow your own strategy and choose your style of play - all this awaits you in the online universe of My Lands. It's time to lay the first stone in the foundation of your future capital!