Lucius game: the devilish story

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Do you remember The Omen series - famous horror films about charming little boy, who was killing people around him just for fun? Now you are able to look at this story from the opposite side and play the role of this gory boy. In Lucius - psychological horror adventure stealth game - you will be killing innocent victims, developing your magical abilities and talking to your devilish dad.


The main character of Lucius game is a boy, who was born on the 6th of June in 1966. On his 6th birthday the boy understood, that he is a special child, and his dark nature burst out. His real father - terrible Lucifer with solid horns - appeared in front of him one night, and ordered to kill every person in boy's rather big estate. In return daddy promised to give Lucius special powers. But our little devil can't cope with this task without you, so let's help the boy and invent several new ways to kill a human being.


Lucius game is divided into levels, and in each one you will need to contrive a murder and stay unnoticed. So you must avoid the inhabitants of the house or do what they want. Of course, six-year-old child has very specific occupations and together with bloody homicides you will be cleaning your teeth and cleaning up your room. These easy task will help you in the game too, because after their successful execution, you will get a hint, that will help you to cope with the main task.


Every hint in the game will be very useful, because the lack of information is the principal problem of Lucius. Without direct instructions, the game becomes extremely difficult, so you will be spending the hours trying to pass the next level, but without any success. Lucius game is too much "open-world" one, so really sometimes you wish the gaming map to become smaller and clearer. All other time you will have to do the most boring thing that is typical for adventure games - pixel hunt.


The developers of Lucius decided that you need to gather plenty of different objects, but they didn't tell, what do you have to find. So you will be clicking on your mouse and moving very slowly. Then you will have to decide what to do with all this trash. Well, the task is really difficult and sometimes too boring. And note, that almost every pixel on the screen can be used. The graphics of the game is not modern, stylish or amazing, but it is extremely functional. You will be able to enter any room in your huge estate, explore every box, desk and cupboard, open each drawer and go over lot of documents and items. After this long journey through the house you will get plenty of strange items, and some of them will be useful for you, but the others will just occupy the empty space. By the way, be careful with the religious stuff: for example, the crucifix is dangerous for your hero, so you need to turn it upside down first of all.


Lot of objects brings not only the boring pixel hunt, but also the annoying problems with the graphical engine. The main issue besides occasional bugs and glitches touches the loading time. Because of huge and detailed gaming area, you will have to wait for a long to access the new level or the level you left, when you lost.


But if you are not afraid of complications, then you'll get a chance to practice in sophisticated crimes. In each new level the task will become more and more difficult, but also you'll be receiving new interesting skills, for example, the telekinesis, mind-control or the ability to create fireballs.


In conclusion

Lucius is a game with very special mood and atmosphere, it is a beautiful tale of horror and mysticism. Unfortunately the developers didn't carry out this idea properly. It is really worth your attention, but would you like spending lot of time trying to solve its puzzles? It is only up to you.

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