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Everything old is new again. In 2000 Sega released interesting action game for its Dreamcast console. The name of that game was Jet Set Radio, and it became very popular among Dreamcast users. After long 12 years the developers decided to remake Jet Set Radio, and from 18-th of September 2012 everyone can try himself in this wondering teenage game.


Jet Set Radio is an unique action with specific scenario and brilliant graphics. The game tells us about young boy - Beat - that doesn't want to be like the others and tries to express himself in a typical for teenagers way. He is skating and drawing graffiti, and you need to help him in this responsible mission. Beat is travelling across the city and tagging the walls, cars and billboards with his paintings. Also he is gathering his team with the unique abilities to draw perfect graffiti. But he is not the one special teenager - many other gangs also operate in the city, and our hero doesn't plan to accept them all. And there is another one real problem - police officers don't like the boys like Beat and his team. How to avoid the cops and leave your opponents behind? This puzzle is up to you!


The story of Jet Set Radio takes place in the Tokyo-to - almost real Japanese city. There are three regions in the city, and each one corresponds to the certain time of the day. You will start from Shibuya-cho - the district with many shops where there is always sunny. This region represents the daytime. The second district - Benten-cho - is an entertainment center of the city. You will visit Benten-cho at night. And the last region is Kogane-cho - the recreation area built on the water. The third district represents the sunset. You will get to know much more details about the game's city from Professor K - the DJ on the pirate radio station, that will help you to start the game. And before you begin, you will have the short training lesson, so you will start your first level as a real pro in skating and spraying.


Each level you will need to tag the designated items within the time limit. Sometimes it will be rather difficult, because you need to be in time, but first you have to find the tanks of paint. If you meet a boy from the opposite gang, you can hit him and take several tanks. Also you will need to go to the most dangerous places of your district, where there you can find warehouse of your "ammunition". You can make different tricks while skating, but be sure that you are landing carefully, because you can broke your tanks with paint. It is wondering, that only paint is in danger - you won't break your leg or something, if you fall.


First you will be travelling alone, but very soon there will be three member in your team. Each member has unique abilities, so your teammates can draw various graffiti. By the way, there is a fantastic collection of different graffiti in the game, so if you are fond of drawing and street art, you will definitely like this game. Also each gamer can upload his own graffiti and mark the streets of Tokyo-to with his or her unique logo. During the game 10 person can join your team, and your task is to encourage them.


In 2000 Jet Set Radio was the first game with cel-shading graphic. Cel-shading is the specific type of non-photorealistic rendering that imitates hand-drawn design. It was a great achievement in game development, and in 2012 this game is also at its best. The graphics look modern, stylish and still cel-shading. Well, the design is worth to see it. The soundtrack of Jet Set Radio also remained the same, and it is another one advantage of new game. The music does perfectly with the game's atmosphere, and the whole gaming process is fun and fascinating.

In conclusion

If dozen years ago you had Dreamcast, you definitely remember this game, and of course you will enjoy its PC-version. If you weren't the happy owner of that console, then now you finally have a chance to play like a cool teenager. We advise you not to miss this brilliant opportunity.

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