Game of Thrones: Season 4 review

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The whole year we were waiting for the continuation of this epic saga, and a few days ago the last episode was finally released. We would like to present you our Game of Thrones: Season 4 review with the description of some exciting moments, pros and cons of the latest 10 episodes.

Attention! Game of Thrones: Season 4 review contains spoilers, so if you haven't watched it yet and are not familiar with the book series, be careful while reading.

Even before the beginning of the new season, we understood that the next 10 episodes were going to be dynamic and great. The creators included several new actors, who correctly fitted in with the world of Seven Kingdoms. In our opinion, the biggest discovery of this season is Oberyn Martell, the role of whom is played by Pedro Pascal. This spectacular and charismatic character has brought the Dorne's spicery into the King's Landing, which has got stuck in the wars and troubles. His faithful girlfriend - Ellaria, - played by Indira Varma, also performed her role excellently (especially at the end of the short The Red Viper's stay in the capital). However, the creators of the TV show added too many erotic scenes in the adventures of the couple, and that's why about half of all their screen time takes place against the background of the brothel. But we have already got used to the adult content in Game of Thrones, so nothing can actually surprise us.


Another one splendid new character is Styr, the Magnar of Thenn. His role was slightly changed in the comparison with the books, but nevertheless even several short episodes with him made the wildling leader stuck in our memory. By the way, this hero is played by Russian actor - Yuri Kolokolnikov.

However, not all new actors are actually good. Thus, Daario Naharis has become an absolutely different person in the fourth season, and this metamorphosis has surprised the fans. It seems to us that neither the first actor nor the second one does well in the role of an adventurer with the blue beard, but Dany likes him and who are we to judge?


Among the already familiar characters, Tyrion was the best. The new season has revealed the reverse side of the sarcastic dwarf and made fans love him even more. It is worth saying that Peter Dinklage was great in his role. Let's just remember his passionate monologue during the trial! And the events of the final episode, in which Tyrion took part, are just incredibly great. Unfortunately, the creators have forgotten to include a nice conversation between Jaime and Tyrion, in which the first one tells more about Tysha and the second one describes the love affairs of Cersei, using rather strong language.


Actually, a huge difference between the book and the TV shows, as always, frustrates the fans. We can understand why the creators of the screen version delete some scenes, dialogues or even characters. But what for do they add all the non-canonical stuff? We would agree if the additional scenes had a sense, but in fact, they don’t influence on the plot and just make the script writers cut the original story. As for us, the battle in Craster's Keep was entirely unnecessary, while the episode with White Walker and a newborn, which was next, is so splendid that it sends shivers down the spine. The behavior of Samwell is very awkward in this season, because at this point of time he should be on the other side of the Wall. The same thing is about Jaime during the Purple wedding - his book's version was travelling across the Seven Kingdoms then.


Sansa and Bran also have a little bit strange plots. Having missed several key episodes, the creators of the TV show filmed everything that is described in the original book series. George Martin isn't going to publish the next book before the upcoming season, and so we don't know what these characters will do next. Maybe, we won't see them in the fifth season, or the TV show will become a spoiler for the book very soon.

And the most exciting episode, which hasn't been presented in the original story, is a battle between The Hound and Brienne. This moment was shot perfectly, and we need to say that awkward girl from Tarth is performed extremely well in the TV show.

Well, we can tell lots of pleasant words, describing the actors of the show, but our Game of Thrones: Season 4 review won't be full without a passage about the operators. Each frame in this season is just like a masterpiece or some sort of a hint. For example, there was an interesting exchange of looks between Melisandre and Jon Snow in the final episode, and also Varys sitting on the boat at the last moments of the 10th episode is very good. Special computer effects are incredibly gorgeous in this season too, so even if you find some mismatches in the plot, nevertheless you will have your eyes glued to the screen.


And of course, a great season needs a very special finale. The last episode of the current season was very dynamic. However, the ending wasn't the one that the bookish fans expected. The novel, on which this season is based, ends with the appearance of Lady Stoneheart, which is - spoiler! - resurrected Catelyn Stark. How could the creators of the show miss this fantastic finale? In the interview with the producers, the latter ones have mentioned that the destinies of Joffrey and Tywin will become a good price for all fans' sufferings caused by Red Wedding, while revengeful zombie wasn't supposed to appear in the fourth season. Whether Lady Stoneheart will join the next season, remains unknown now, but most of the bookish fans are sure that without Catelyn the show won't be full-fledged.

In the conclusion

And at the end of our Game of Thrones: Season 4 review, we would like to make a conclusion. We are sure that many fans, who have already read the book, will be shouting "Hey, it's a non-canonical moment" lots of times during the show. But even they should agree that this season was the best in comparison with the previous ones. Our mark is 10 out of 10.