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The statistic is saying that Formula 1 has the biggest total television audience, and that's why F1 2012 game also is interesting to millions of race fans. From year to year new season of Formula 1 gathers a lot of viewers, however the game doesn't change. So how do the developers of racing video game need to improve and change their product? In fact, this year Codemasters proved that they really can bring a lot of additions even to simple and unchangeable F1.


The changes touched the graphics, physics, modes of the game and how it interacts with gamers. The changes are not cardinal, but together they make really new and improved racing game. For the start we need to mention that the developers slightly updated the gaming engine - EGO Engine. This version has been already used in F1 2011 and brought realistic and fast render of large-scale environment and detailed physics. This year the situation is almost the same - the physics is realistic and after a few hours with F1 2012 you will feel yourself as a part of real championship.

The graphics leaves mixed feelings. From the one side it is on the highest level: each car looks detailed and stylish, while the road almost "smells" like brand-new asphalt. Also the weather system was improved, and, for example, now it may rain periodically during the long event. But from the other side it takes only to look beyond the road for the impression to be spoiled. The trees looks cardboard and people looks flat and lifeless. Of course, when you are driving at the highest speed, you don't look at decorations, but to be honest the graphics in racing game is minimal, so the developers could work harder on it.


One of the main innovations of the F1 2012 is young driver's test that goes at the beginning of the game. It is just like the similar test of the real Formula 1, but here it is used instead of tutorial. If you are an experienced user, it will take only a half an hour to pass this peculiar exam. The first part will be useless, but nevertheless even skillful gamers will find here something to learn. If you are new to the game, the tutorial is highly required for you. By the way, the action takes place on the beautiful racetrack in Abu Dhabi.


After you pass the tutorial, you can choose one of the standard or new modes. In F1 2012 we get two new and exciting modes - Season Challenge and Championship. In Season Challenge mode you can make a career in the limits of one season. But this task will be rather difficult. You start as a member of second echelon and you will need to fight against other drivers. You have to beat your competitor in the set of three races. Of course, if you are the winner of first two rounds, then the third one will be formal. If you win this competition, you move to the rival team, but save all your scores. Next set of rounds gives you another chance to move up the job ladder.

hiiu9.jpgChampionship mode is for real professionals. Here you need to pass seven tests and beat six current champions. In the first six rounds you are fighting against one of the champions, but each time the game is slightly different. These various conditions make the gaming process really exciting. In the seventh round you need to outrun all champions together. Of course after this desperate struggle you will become the new champion of F1 2012. This title is worth the effort.

The punishment system was also changed and improved, and now it is really forbidden to break the rules. By the way, the system is flexible and correct, so if you are driving fairly, everything will be OK. Some changes touched the menu and the game's organization: now there is no manager, no interview after the set of rounds and it is really comfortable to use menu.


In conclusion

Race simulator is a very special type of video games. From year to year the developers are trying to make it better, but sometimes the year is too little period for great changes. This time Codemasters improved a lot in their F1 2012, but these enhancements are not a big deal. So we are not sure, will the fans of racing games be ready to pay for F1 2012 - free download in this case would be more acceptable.

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