Deponia: fairy tale with a little humor

Deponia: fairy tale with a little humor by  3349 views

The adventure is a very special type of video gaming, where the story, characters and atmosphere plays the fundamental role. And when we are talking about Deponia - new adventure game from Daedalic Entertainment - all these factors are performed brilliantly.

The scenario of Deponia reminds the story about Wall-E - the charming rubbish collecting robot that is falling in love and trying to get to the beautiful city in the sky, where there is no waste at all. The main character of this story is Rufus - narcissistic and selfish boy that is also dreaming about wonderful Elysium town above the clouds.


His native planet actually looks like the total garbage dump, and Rufus is sure that this ambience is not appropriate for him, but Elysium is the world he always imaged. He is trying to create a flying machine and run away from Deponia for a better life. During one of his experiments he breaks something between two worlds, and pretty girl - Goal - is falling from the sky right into his arms. Now our hero is sure that she will help him to get to the desired city of luxury and happiness and, of course, he is falling in love.


If you are fond of adventure games, you are surely have already rummaged in the trash, but this time the rubbish is actually everywhere. But we must say that all this garbage is performed perfectly, and thanks to brilliant work of game designers from Daedalic Entertainment Deponia looks like even lovely. So do the characters of this story. In addition, the dialogues between Rufus and, for example, his ex-girlfriend are full of a little bit strange humor, and that's why the game becomes fascinating, interesting and funny. And what else do we need from the good adventure?


While playing Deponia you will remember why do you actually like this type of games, because this one is a classical adventure. The interface is traditional - Deponia is a point-and-click game. It means that you need to click to some place to go there or to pick up the object. But also you can use scroll wheel to open the inventory or to highlight all things in the room. The last one ability is very helpful, because sometimes it is rather difficult to find needed object in the absolute garbage dump.


You will have to collect strange and unexpected stuff, talk a lot and beat your brains out trying to solve creative puzzles. The puzzles and quizzes are not simple, but logical, so if you try, you will succeed. All of them are different and exciting, and they become more and more complex from one level to another. You need a little bit outstanding thinking to decide some questions and many patience to solve them all. Sometimes you will need to combine completely incompatible things to solve the puzzles and go for a next quiz. Also there are some objects that seem to be useable, but they are not. But nevertheless you will need only some nights to finish all tasks and make Rufus closer to his dream.


The Deponia has linear structure, but some points of the game are non-linear. Thank to the non-linearity you will always have something new to try when you are stuck. And also with this feature the game becomes more interesting and unpredictable. By the way, from the second part the game is much more exciting, so we advise you to finish the first one, even if you find it boring.

But after all three parts the ending is very disappointing. It seems that the game must go on, and actually it really does. The developers promised that the new part of Deponia will be released in September, 2012. After the second part it will be the third one, so if you want to finish them all, you will need to pay three times. Doh.


This game is a great gift for everyone who is fond of adventures. The puzzles are clever and interesting, the story is unusual and funny, the gameplay is convenient and easy. The detailed decorations, smart Rufus's comments and amusing atmosphere will bring you a lot of pleasure while playing. And of course beautiful videos, nicely animated moments and pleasant music adds several points to this game. By the way, the sound is rather unique here. Each of three parts of the Deponia starts from the song of unknown guitar musician. Don't miss this humorous concert.


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