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In the childhood many kids are sure that what they don't see, doesn't exist. What if this fact is real? What if the darkness is empty, and all items in your room are real only when they are lightened by small shining ball? It is an exciting theory, isn't it? The developers of Closure decided to base their game on this hypothesis and created exceedingly wondering project about light and darkness.


Firstly Closure appeared as the Flash game and became rather popular among the fans of puzzles. The developers understood, that the idea of their game can bring much more money and fame and decided to create the full version for PC and PlayStation 3. Console gamers got a chance to play Closure in spring, 2012, and in September this game was released for Windows and Mac. It is interesting, that the development team consisted only of three people: programmer, artist and composer, but nevertheless the game turned out brilliant.

Closure consists of endless quantity of levels, and in each one you need to find the door and get away from the strange dark room. But you can see only a small part of the room, if it is lightened by the shining ball. As we have already mentioned, only illuminated items exist, so if the darkness is covering something, then this item becomes non-existent. Well, it is good when the wall, that blocks your way, suddenly disappears because of deficiency in light, but it is bad when the floor drops out beneath you when the light turns off.


So, you need to use the power of light and find the way out from the room where the floor and walls appear and disappear from time to time. Sometimes you will just need to run and jump, holding the shining ball in your hands. Sometimes you will need to find the key first, and you need to remember, that your character can't hold two or more items simultaneously. Sometimes you can use additional mechanical items, that can move with your ball of light. While moving, they will lighten different objects in the room and so give them birth. Hurry up - everything exists only for a second, and you need to follow the light as fast as possible. The path of mechanical object can be different, but using it, you can go left, right or even up, so don't miss this opportunity. Also in some levels you will be swimming underwater, but here you also need to follow the light. If you go to darkness, you will fall, and the level will be lost.


Almost every level can be passed for a minute or even shorter, but to find this smart solution you will need to try a lot of times. We advise you to find the strategy first, because you will need to move very quickly in the game, so you won't have a chance to think on the run. But we are sure that you won't stuck for a long, because the game's puzzles are not difficult, but really interesting.


Also Closure has very special atmosphere, that perfectly fits to this game. Your character is a spider-like creature, nice and completely non-scary. He is travelling across the black-and-white world with 2D-graphics, created in an interesting style. It seems that the designer draw the character and environment using a pencil, and even animation looks like old cartoons. But besides little spider you will also play with three humans and travel through totally different worlds. Some levels will take place in the deserted factory, some - in the gloomy forest, and some on the black-and-white carnival. But we are sure that you will enjoy this journey.


We have talked so much about Closure, but still the game seems to be very strange and obscure. If you have doubts about this puzzle, you can start with the original Flash game that is still available online. The PC-version has been seriously redesigned, but the idea is the same.

We wish you to find your cherished door in the total darkness.

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