Bioshock Infinite review

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You may never play original Bioshock game, but you obviously had to hear about it. One of the most interesting shooters with specific atmosphere and full-fledged plot was on the top of the ratings for several months in 2007. Now we have got another stunning masterpiece - Bioshock Infinite game - with completely new story and characters. Our Bioshock Infinite review is going to introduce this magic game to you.


The Bioshock Infinite plot is so amazingly perfect and sophisticated that it deserves the separate article. The main character of the game - Booker DeWitt - is the former detective. He has a lot of debts, but to wipe them away he needs to bring the girl from the strange floating city of Columbia. The girl's name is Elizabeth, and she is imprisoned in a metal tower in the heart of the city. At the beginning of the game we don't know, who she really is and even who employed Booker on this dangerous and mysterious job. The game will be giving us very gentle hints on every corner, but you will be able to understand the truth only in the end.


Bioshock Infinite ending can amaze anyone. The whole game you will be collecting the small pieces of its incredible plot, but in the end everything will be reverted up down. It is really almost impossible to predict the fantasy of the game's developers, but this turn is definitely striking. The whole Bioshock Infinite plot could be the story of science-fiction movie, but this time we are the part of this movie and we live the lives of main characters.


The other positive side of the Bioshock Infinite game is its graphics. It is interesting that Bioshock Infinite for PC doesn't really require advanced resources of your computer. Even weak computer will be able to show you the beauty of the game without any lags. Floating city of Columbia looks unlike the dark setting of Rapture. Here everything is full of life, color and joy. Moreover, the city is really immense and very detailed. Each "level" has additional places, where you can go and find something interesting, but, of course, it is hard to call Bioshock Infinite game an open-world one. The very special thing in Columbia is a monorail transport that can be used to move from one location to another. But your opponents also can use this transport, so sometimes you will even fight, hanging down.


We are sure that when you will finally get to Columbia, you will not want to fire the enemies, because you will be looking at its stunning landscapes. But the city is as much beautiful, as the people in this city are mediocre. The characters are not able to interact with you, so you can just watch and find out how it is to be an invisible stranger. Of course, if you begin shooting, the policemen will be there at the moment. But they all look the same and they all are not so beautiful and detailed, as the city is.

The Bioshock Infinite game has unique saving system. Here you won't be able to save the game in any place you want, but you will need to find the checkpoint and only there you will be safe. Of course, sometimes this system is a little bit annoying, but really challenging. The shooter itself looks like the previous games in this series. You have different weapons and also can unlock special magic abilities that are very helpful in battles with certain opponents. Among your enemies there will several very dangerous robots, but also a lot of people.


In conclusion

The Bioshock Infinite game is standing to win the title of this year's best game. Brilliant and tangled Bioshock Infinite plot, interesting ending, great graphics and perfect battles deserve the highest marks. The only thing that could be better here is the behavior of non-playable characters, but this minus doesn't really matter against the advantages of the game.