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Angry Birds was the game that rocked the planet. Even those who are unfamiliar with modern video games, have played or even heard about this funny and exciting puzzle. On the 27-th of September Rovio Entertainment - the developer and publisher of Angry Birds- proved that they can surpass even themselves! Their new puzzle-game named Bad Piggies has already became extremely popular all over the world:

New game is the spin-off and here you will find yourself from the other side of barricade. Pretty and emotional piggies want to stole the bird's eggs, but they can't reach the destination without your help. You need to build a mechanical vehicle that will drive piggy to desired aim. Each level consists of small map, and in the start point you have a lot of different spares and need to construct your transport. After you finish, the piggy takes the road. If your construction is correct, then our hero will get to the finish line, and the level will be passed. So, do you want to try yourself in the role of engineer? Go ahead!


Angry Birds was rather challenging puzzle-game, but this one is much more interesting and difficult. You will need to combine wooden and metal parts and wheels with very unusual engines. For example, to make your construction move, you will have to use umbrellas, soda bottles, fans, balloons and even explosives. Sometimes you will find real motor in your inventory, but this item doesn't make this game easier. Using these funny objects, you will create a lot of interesting vehicles from wheelbarrow to helicopter or even a rocket. Maybe, first levels will seem to be simple, but after a few minutes of the game you will have to strain your brain. But Bad Piggies is not only the challenging game, it is also very creative and exciting. It distinguishes from many other puzzle-games, because here you need not only to solve riddles, but also to invent something together with charming piggies.


The game has a traditional for Rovio cartoony design, that will make you smile during the game. The picture, music and sounds fit perfectly, and that's why the game is not only interesting, but touching. Also Bad Piggies has a lot of content, so you will spend plenty of hours trying to solve the next puzzle. You will get many amazing levels, and each one will be different. Along with common levels, there will be several hidden bonus-levels, and while you are passing the game, you will be able to unlock them. In addition there are Sandbox levels, where you are getting very huge map and a lot of parties for your vehicle. This level is for real inventors, because here your imagination won't have any limits.


But even after you pass all levels of the game, you can start again, because each level has three stars, and to get them all you need not only to deliver piggy to the finish line, but also satisfy the certain conditions. For example, you need to get from the start point to the finish one within time limit, deliver King Pig to the destination or gather stars, that are hiding on the map. Also in some levels you need to build the vehicle without certain part or get to the finish line in undamaged automobile. To find out which conditions do you need to meet in this level, you have to click Loupe icon in the upper right corner of the window. Then you'll see three icons that represent the conditions. In the example on the screenshot, you need to deliver piggy, gather the star and meet the deadline of 22 seconds. If you have any problems with the solution, you can watch several walkthroughs, but we are sure that you will get much more pleasure, trying to find the answer by yourself.


Well, every time you are running Bad Piggies game, you will find something new and beautiful in this puzzle. By the way, you can buy it only for from $0.99 to $4.95 according to the device you use. Now it is available on iOS, Android, PC and Mac and soon the game for Windows Phone and Windows 8 will be released. For those, who want to try, the demo version of the game is available. In demo you will be able to pass 24 common levels and several bonus ones.


In spite of rather low price of the game, a lot of gamers hoped they could play it for free and downloaded malware instead of the game. Recently Bad Piggies and several other applications appeared in the Chrome web store from an unknown publisher named From the store everyone was able to download Bad Piggies for free, but freeloaders got a virus that can show a lot of advertisement in Chrome browser and potentially has access to the users' personal data. The number of defrauded gamers is about 82 thousands. So, be careful, because sometimes free download of Bad Piggies may play a mean trick on you.


The official trailer: