Assassin's Creed 3 Preview

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Assassin's Creed 3 is the final part of the trilogy and the fifth game, including Revelation and Brotherhood. This time the developers decided to choose original setting for the new adventure of Desmond Miles. The core of this action-adventure game is the events of American Revolution (1753-1783).


The protagonist of Assassin's Creed 3 - Connor Kenway - is a half-blood American Indian, who vowed to fight against redcoats after they had burned his village and killed all dwellers. His mother was native American woman, and his father was from England. In the game Connor is on the side of Continental Army and is struggling for the rights and freedoms of his nation, but also he has another goal. Desmond - the assassin from the future - using the "Animus" device and Connor as one of his incarnations - is trying to find the ancient temples, which are situated on the colonized area, to save his world from the great disaster.


The action will take place in Frontier of those times, that is almost all Eastern states of modern USA. Boston and New-York will also become the strongholds of the struggle between South and North, and the start points for our hero. Although each city will be 1.5 bigger than the whole map of the first Assassin's Creed, the locations with forests that are situated beyond the cities, are also very important.


Besides passing a lot of quests with different endings, the gamers will be able to spend their spare time hunting, fishing or helping natives. AI of fauna was worked out so that some beasts like hares and deer may become your prey, but predatory animals will be able to hunt not only the herbivorous ones, but also you. The way of murder will be very important during hunting, because the fell of animal that was killed by tomahawk or knife, loses the part of its price. And as every good hero, Connor will have his own place for relaxation, where he will be able to recreate, fill up his reserve and drive a trade.


Although the graphical engine for the game will be the same as for the previous parts, the magnificent landscapes are designed so qualitatively and in detail, that it will be difficult to tell them from reality. Also here we will get the innovation - the change of weather according to the season and alternation of day and night. The time of eternal summer in Assassin's Creed passed, and now we will have four full-fledged seasons with their own weather and special features. For example, the snow and rain will slow down the actions of your enemy, and the animation of movements through the snowdrifts and mug will be completely different. In the wet weather and during the mist the powder becomes damp, so muskets and pistols become useless. At night the range of coverage will be decreased, so it will be harder for your opponents to detect Connor due to new ways of masking.


Now even standing back to the wall in its shadow, you will remain unnoticed. In the city big crowds of people will help you to hide from persecutors, and native and natural Indian forests will let our character set a trap and attack secretly and unexpectedly. While moving in the crown of the trees and climbing the low rocks, Connor will be able to use bow and Chinese rope dart - the rope with dagger on the one side. Using this device, you can hunt and also assault your enemies from the top and then drag them up or throw from the steep. Also the game has another one innovation - now you are able to use two weapons simultaneously, combining cold weapons - tomahawk or blade - with firearms - one of two available guns.


Working on Assassin's Creed 3 the developers tried to "...make the history book about American Revolution and great people of those times alive...". 80% of all non-playable characters are real prominent people of eighteenth century, so you will have a chance to fight and work arm in arm with Charles Lee and shake the hand of George Washington. Some of your allies will speak real American Indian dialects, because the protagonist and other characters of the game were voiced by specially invited actors that are native Americans. They will do their best in almost 2.5 hours of videos, that will be available during the game.


Besides the standard multiplayer mode there will be new online one called "Wolf pack". From two till four gamers will be able to cooperate for specially developed scenarios, where every participant will have a role, and the operation will be successful only if the whole team is well-coordinated.


The official PC release of Assassin's Creed 3 is scheduled on 23-rd of November, 2012.Besides the standard edition, four other Deluxe ones will be available. The Deluxe edition will consists of not only the game itself, but also of Connor's medallion, exclusive metal belt buckle, George Washington's notebook and other collection bonuses, including additional missions and multiplayer packages. Also the developers announced that they are going to release three DLC with the common name "Tyranny of King Washington" during the first half of the year after the game's release date.


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