A Virus Named Tom

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Have you ever intentionally installed a virus on your computer? Certainly, not. But today we'd like to advise you this reckless action. Don't worry, everything will be OK. Moreover, you will have a lot of fun and pleasure. Because our virus is not the malware, his name is Tom and he is a pretty nice guy.

The scenario of A Virus Named Tom game is full of suffering and disappointment. Dr X - the genius scientists - was working on the city of Tomorrow with fantastic houses that can clean themselves and adorable robot-pets. But one day his employer fired him just after he had finished his beautiful project. Now Dr X is really mad, and he is going to revenge. He created Tom - smart virus that can spoil everything in the fantastic city. You need to spread this virus, avoiding drones and other traps and obstacles. Let's have fun together with Tom, destroying Tomorrow today!


A Virus Named Tom is rather unique, because it is a puzzle adventure and action game at the same time. To spread the virus, you need to rearrange electronic circuits. This mission looks like an old game about a plumber, where you needed to rotate pipes to let the water flow. Here the idea is the same, but to rotate and move the pieces of circuits, Tom will need to run around them. Well, that's is where the puzzle adventure game comes. The action comes from avoiding anti-virus drones, that are going to kill our protagonist. From level to level they become more artful, agile, fast and extremely problematic, so focus and help Tom not to meet his enemies.


As we have mentioned before, with new levels the difficulty of the game is increasing, and to pass the next mission you need to be fast, smart and clever. The puzzles are not so simple, as you can judge from the first quests. But the first levels are really easy, and the main problem you will face here may be the timer. Then the drones will appear and try to kill you by a single touch. After the level's structure will surprise you, for example, some elements of the circuits are invisible until you will connect them to the hub.


But these difficult tasks teach you, and from level to level Tom becomes smarter and smarter. And you need to become smarter as well. You will have to beat your brain out trying to solve the next puzzle while they will become more sophisticated. The last levels are for real masters, but we are sure you will be able to cope with this task. By the way, in the game we have the double challenge: to create the route and to find the perfect one in the minimum moves. So you can replay the game for many times to reach new skill level.


Also you can play A Virus Named Tom together with your friends, but only locally, because the it is not the online game. You can invite 3 partners, share the keyboard or joysticks with them and spend several fascinating hours with a great company. Besides, it is easier and much more interesting to solve puzzles together with the team. If you don't need any helpers, but your friends are already here, you can suggest them the competition. The emulative mode allows you to find out who is the best virus. You will need to conquer the gaming territory and to prevent your opponent to do the same. This mode is rather funny, but it is far from the game scenario, and it seems to me that the game itself is much more exciting than this single mode.


Perfect visualization completes a very special atmosphere that is present in the game. Nice color mode, stylish design, bright animation and a lot of smart inscriptions leave beautiful aftertaste and make you smile. We are sure that A Virus Named Tom is worth your time at least because this game tests both your reflexes and brain abilities.

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