Xbox One: the first impressions

Xbox One: the first impressions by  4396 views

The rumors were incorrect, new console from Microsoft has got the name Xbox One, but, as we expected, it will really bring the new stage in gaming.


Just a few minutes ago the official presentation of Xbox One finished, and we are ready to tell you first details about the console. The most important features of Xbox One are in this list:

  • 8 GB RAM and 64-bit architecture;
  • Include Blu-Ray drive;
  • Integrates with TV, films, Skype and Internet;
  • Operates almost noiseless;
  • Has upgraded Kinect that now understands even the movements of shoulders and wrists and reads your heartbeat;
  • Upgraded Xbox Live service built on 300 000 servers that provides dynamic achievement system;
  • Improved controller that has about 40 new design innovations.
Together with Xbox One several games for next generation were presented. Among them there are FIFA, NHL, Quantum Break, Forza and Call of Duty: Ghost. And we’d like to show you several pictures of the characters from the last game developed for Xbox One: