Xbox One has got several commercials

Xbox One has got several commercials by  2959 views

If you're a real fan of consoles and look forward to Microsoft’s console, then you know that Xbox One will be released very soom, and therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that the developer actively promotes it.

So, yesterday Microsoft published two pretty original promotional Xbox One videos. In the first one we are shown the linebacker of "Chicago Bears" team - Brian Urlacher, and his friend and one of the best contemporary linebackers - Ray Lewis, who are discussing their retirement, watching NFL game and playing Madden. The capability of these guys to do so many actions at the same time (as well as the console) surprises a lot us, in which, probably, Microsoft’s main goal lies.

The second Xbox One video is the official TV Commercial of the Xbox One System Day One Edition Console in the USA. In this video we are demonstarted a girl - Jennifer, who brutally kills a lot of zombies in Dead Rising 3 game, and it seems that she surprises her boyfriend, showing the unknown sides of her character. See for yourself.

Xbox One will hit the stores on the 22nd of November.

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