Xbox 720 features leaked

Xbox 720 features leaked by  5844 views
The set of mysterious pictures with Xbox 720 logo and encrypted information about the new console appeared in the Network.

Five slides with different colors besides the standard Xbox mark and #xbox2013 hashtag contain strange combination of characters that proved to be a code. Fortunately, there were people, who managed to break the cipher and open information from Microsoft.


• green slide - Storm clouds;
• slide red - More than it is now;
• blue slide - Advanced calculation;
• yellow slide - Petaflops > teraflops.

Most likely, the first image hints at cloud services, the second - at the wide spread of devices that will be associated with the console (phones, tablets, etc.), the third - at the improved hardware, and the fourth is likely to say that Microsoft will try to jump above their heads and outdo Sony this year.


Also it’s worth to pay attention to the icons, the closed sphere - is a constant Internet connection, equalizer and speaker - may be a hint at the own musical portal, camera and sensor means the new controller and improved Kinect, a group of people - is, as always, the ad that promote the console as the product "for the whole family." The meaning of silhouette and the mouse cursor is still unknown.  Maybe it means the console with the OS 8th? Or that each gamer  will receive a girl for Xbox 720 pre-order?

The official Xbox 720 announcement  will be held on May 21, 2013. And are you ready to be surprised or you already choose PS4?

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