Wicked Paradise: erotic adventure in virtual reality

Wicked Paradise: erotic adventure in virtual reality by  5873 views

Game developers always try to make their products very realistic and to put the customers - you and me - inside the game's atmosphere. But usually they are moving us to the battlefield, and if you are dreaming about another, much more pleasant virtual reality, then erotic adventure in the Wicked Paradise game is just what you need.

Wicked Paradise is something really unique, because this project will be the first erotic interactive game for Oculus Rift. Here you won't be just a viewer - you will be able to get in the game. The developers are sure that this erotic adventure is much more interesting than adult movies or erotic books, because only here you are the protagonist, and everything happens to you.


So, which entertainments are waiting for you in the Wicked Paradise game? Here you will be able to explore a highly realistic world with its beautiful inhabitants. Here you can go to a bar, meet a girl, seduce her and... well, you can understand, what will be the next. For now this erotic adventure is meant for adult hetero male, but the developers are planning to create other versions for different genders and orientations.

The erotic adventure in Wicked Paradise will start in 2014 right after the Oculus Rift release date. Would you like to play?