Valve has announced Steam Machines

Valve has announced Steam Machines by  2368 views

Valve is planning to conquer your living room with the multiple brand-new SteamOS-based gaming devices - Steam Machines. Yesterday the developers announced that this entertainment hardware is going to reach the market already next year.


Now Valve is working with different partners to bring as many SteamOS-based systems as possible, but also the company is developing its own machine, on which the operation system can be tested. And you can join the QA team too, and get one of 300 high-performance prototypes. To take part in Valve's beta testing, you need to perform several steps:

You have about a month until the 25th of October, when Valve stops accepting the requests. Then the developers will randomly choose the gamers, who will get the beta version of Steam Machine.

And we would like to remind you that earlier this week Valve announced SteamOS - the Linux-based operating system created especially for gamers. Using it, you will be able to get more from your PC games, share them with friends as well as listen to the musiс and watch videos. The first SteamOS-based devices are coming in 2014.

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