Uncharted film will hit the cinemas in 2016 (Movie)

Uncharted film will hit the cinemas in 2016 (Movie) by  7164 views

The good news for the fans of Uncharted franchise! Yesterday, the representants of Sony - the company, which is involved in the movie’s creation, - announced when Uncharted film will appear on the big screens.

So, we are glad to tell you that Uncharted film’s release date, the main role in which will be played by Mark Wahlberg, is set on the 10th of June 2016 in the USA. Finally, after many years of failures and constant perturbation in the movie’s cast and the shooting team, which have been lasting for 4 years, the film’s creators have set its release date.

And as the president of Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group - Doug Belgrad said:

“June 10 is a great date for Uncharted. It's just the right place for this exciting action-adventure film."


But if Sony’s employees have rejoiced the fans of this franchise, the fellows of The Amazing Spider-Man cinema series, will be disappointed. The problem is that lots of people and resources will be given to the shooting of Uncharted film, that’s why Sony’s representants have decided that two such big movies as The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and Uncharted can’t be filmed without losses. So, they have postponed the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 film from 2016 to 2018. 

And what do you think about these news? Are you satisfied with Uncharted film’s release date? Let us know in the comments below.