Two new actors will be added to Star Wars: Episode VII (Movie)

Two new actors will be added to Star Wars: Episode VII (Movie) by  2328 views

Have you missed the fresh information about one of the most popular franchises? Don’t be upset, because today we have gathered for you lots of interesting news about Star Wars: Episode VII movie.

Thus, first of all, we would like to tell that Star Wars: Episode VII movie will get two new actors - Crystal Clarke and Pip Anderson. It’s quite possible that you have never heard anything about them, because they both are young and little-known artists. Crystal Clarke is an American actress, who is still studying in the university. The first full-fledged film, in which she has played a role, is called The Moon and the Sun, and it will be released next year. As for Pip Anderson, he is a British actor and practitioner of parkour, who has shot in an interesting Spider-Man ad, which is available below.

According to Kathleen Kennedy - one of the upcoming film’s producers, - there have already been the young and nameless actors in the previous parts of the franchise, so it’s not surprisingly that the creators of the forthcoming blockbuster have decided to continue this good tradition and to give a chance to young actors to show their talents on the big screen. So far it’s unknown, which roles they will be playing, but as soon as we get to know it, we’ll tell you.


Also it has become known that in August there will be two week hiatus in the film’s shooting in order to give the possibility to one of the main movie’s actors - Harrison Ford, who has broken his leg, - to restore his health.

And the last thing, which we would like to show you today, is an interesting video made by one of the franchise’s fans. It shows us how Star Wars set might look like if all of the tech, presented in Star Wars: Episode VII movie, actually existed in the real life. Enjoy!

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