Total War: Rome 2 showed full “Battle of the Teutoburg Forest”

Total War: Rome 2 showed full “Battle of the Teutoburg Forest” by  7175 views
Creative Assembly has finally revealed the full version of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest that we have seen in the Total War: Rome 2 teaser published a few months ago. The developers have shown the big battle mission, which has pleased us not only with the beauty of gameplay, but also with the sharp detalization of even the smallest objects.


This historic battle between the Roman army and the Germans, which become the basis for famous sayings "Quintilius Var, give me back my legions", clearly showed how much (for the better) changes Total War: Rome 2 has. Let’s begin with the tactical map - this is what was missing in the first part, and the camera view behind the squad will help you relive memorable moments of any participant in the frontline unit of the battle.

Also it’s worth to say that the new Total War: Rome 2 graphics and rendering made landscapes more interesting and important elements of the strategy and tactics. The soldiers are more realistic now, the panic, rage or other emotions are accompanied by a variety of gestures and exclamations.

Total War: Rome 2 release is scheduled for the end of the fall 2013 exclusively for the PC. You will be able to learn other interesting details of the project from the trailer below.