The thrilling Grand Piano trailer was published (movie)

The thrilling Grand Piano trailer was published (movie) by  2750 views

"Play the wrong note and you die", says the threat of the unknown person, who is going to spoil the life of the Elijah Wood's hero. If you want to know how to give a concert being within a hairbreadth of death, then you will obviously like the upcoming Grand Piano movie and its new trailer.


Elijah Wood is playing a role of a great pianist who has a stage fright and that's why has stopped giving concerts. After long years he decides to perform again, and the audience is waiting for him with a splendid excitement. But when the hero's fingers touch the keys, he finds out that someone wants to kill him after the only one mistake. Who is this strange person? A mad fan or a maniac? How to stay alive till the end of the performance? All these questions will arise in the Grand Piano movie, and yesterday the glimpse of this thriller was shown in the new trailer:

Grand Piano movie is coming on the 7th of March, 2014. Together with Elijah Wood here we will see another famous actor - John Cusack, - who will play the role of the film's antagonist.

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