The new Xbox 720’ logo has been leaked in the network

The new Xbox 720’ logo has been leaked in the network by  3669 views
One of the new Twitter users posted a photo, which shows something similar to the starting  image from the new Xbox 720 (Xbox Durango) presentation.


We can see the text "Introducing a new way to play", and most likely, "What's next from Xbox" in the image. This information has come from quite credible Reddit, but there are some doubts, because "Introducing a new way to play games" - is part of Xbox Kinect promo, that you can see below.

A natural question arises: is this another rumor or Microsoft is preparing something incredibly cool, like Kinect? It can be as a new control system (completely different gamepad or the one with sensor) or much improved system of existing contactless controller.

Another interesting fact is the logo that has been shown in the picture. We all are well aware that a large narrow cross on a Microsoft’s Xbox 720 console is its trademark throughout the series, and rounded forms with inexplicable dash looks like fake.

Approximate Xbox 720 release date is the end of 2013 - early 2014, and the presentation of the console is likely to be held on April 26. How do you feel about "such" console’s logo? Will you purchase Xbox Durango or give preference to the Playstation 4? Your answers to these and other questions, we are waiting in the comments below.

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