The new Sherlock Holmes game was teased (video)

The new Sherlock Holmes game was teased (video) by  3889 views

A popular series of detective adventures - Sherlock Holmes - has got the first comprehensive video. Firstly announced several months ago, this Sherlock Holmes game - Crimes and Punishments - is developed on the base of the new graphical engine and provides new game mechanics.


Crime and Punishments will have rich and detailed graphics provided by Epic Unreal Engine 3. The characters, the background and each small detail look much better than in previous projects from this series. Also in new Sherlock Holmes you will get several new investigation techniques and, as always, a very dramatic story with difficult choices. The developers are sure that this time you will obviously feel yourself being the greatest detective with a bad temper and pernicious habits.

To understand the dramatic component of the new Sherlock Holmes game, you have to wait until the project's release date, but to see the beauty and power of the new graphical engine, you can just watch this Crime and Punishments trailer. We are sure that you will like it.

And for whose, who are not familiar with the Sherlock Holmes game series, we have the review on its previous instalment.