The new Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer reveals a lot of game details

The new Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer reveals a lot of game details by  3454 views

Murdered: Soul Suspect game is, probably, another one of this year’s most anticipated games. Its launch will take place very soon. Let us remind you that this action-adventure will hit PC, current and next-gen consoles in North America on June 3rd.

Specially for this event Square Enix company has published the fresh Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer. The latest video is titled 101 and reveals a lot of project’s details, which have never been uncovered before. According to the developers, the information, which is presented in the new Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer, is everything the players need to know about the game.

But before you watch this video, we want to warn you that it contains a lot of spoilers.

So, the fresh Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer tells about the abilities of the protagonist - Ronan O’Connor, - which he has got as a ghost. Some of them: the ability to pass through the walls, move the objects or communicate with the dead and alive people, - have already been known from the previous videos. But now O’Connor has another magical ability - he can possess and control not only human beings, but also the animal ones! Thus, in the new Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer we may see the main character in the body of a cat. It helps him investigate the territory very slick.

But, as the Square Enix community manager has said, during the gameplay the users will discover more O’Connors abilities, which the developers wish to keep in a secret till the project’s release.

Besides that, this Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer introduces us to the cruel antagonist, called Bell Killer. Not so much information about him has been provided, in order to keep the intrigue of the upcoming action-adventure. It’s only known that this character is a serial killer, who terrorizes the town - Salem. And of course our detective must stop him before the disaster happens.

But the investigation of this won’t be that easy for O’Connor. As the new Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer shows, on the way he will meet not only the people and ghosts, who are willing to help him, but also the dangerous demons from the Dusk, who vanish the lost souls.


Well, according to the video, the project is supposed to be the unusual and interesting one! And did you like the latest Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer? Are you excited about the release of this action-adventure?