The new Godzilla game is in development (rumour)

The new Godzilla game is in development (rumour) by  5318 views

Recently, one of the Japanese portals has published the information about the development of the new Godzilla game for PS3. The creator of another story about the giant monster is Namco Bandai company.

According to the rumours, the Godzilla game for PS3 is planned to be released by the end of this year in Japan. The information concerning its launch in other countries, as well as the news about the project’s announcement, hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. So, let’s hope that the developers will please with the new game not only the Japanese players.

Besides that, Namco Bandai isn’t going to base the upcoming creation on the plot of the new Godzilla movie, which hit the big screens this May. The monster’s look will be copied from the S.H. MonsterArts toy line, designed by Tamashii Nations studio.


It’s also interesting that the new Godzilla game for PS3 won’t be another fighting instalment. It will be an action-adventure. Probably, the project will get the plot line and the missions. However, for the current moment, the only known thing is that the players will control the king of the monsters and fight against the enemies, using the legendary attack tactics.

Well, the news about the upcoming Godzilla’s adventures sounds quite promising. As they say, there’s no smoke without fire. And hopefully, these rumours will turn out to be the truth.

Are you interested in the new Godzilla game? Do you believe the rumours?


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