The new BattleCry game was announced

The new BattleCry game was announced by  3793 views

Yesterday the new free-to-play BattleCry game, which will be published by the Bethesda company, was announced.

According to the official information, this new project will be launched exclusively for PC. The BattleCry game will combine such genres as MMORPG, action and classic shooter. Up to 32 players will be able to take part in one fight. But this time the combatants are restricted to use the usual weapons: shotguns, rifles, grenade launchers. They will have only swords, daggers, crossbows, etc. It’s all because of a very interesting project’s plot.

So, the BattleCry game will tell an alternative story, which is set at the beginning of the XX century. After the World War, two superpower countries made an agreement. It forbids using the gunpowder, which means - no firearms are allowed during the battles. So, the soldiers will have to rely only on their abilities and the technologies, compatible to that time.

The players will be able to join one of two factions - The Royal Marine or the Cossacks. Also, five classes of the characters will be available: the Archer, the Duelist, the Gadgeteer, the Enforcer and the Brawler. We offer you to look at the heroes mentioned above in the game’s debut trailer and at the images, which are published below:


This year the BattleCry game will be presented at the E3 conference. As for its release, the exact date is still unknown. According to the developers, the MMORPG’s beta is going to take place in 2015.

So, did you like the idea of the new project? We’ll be glad to see your answers in the comments.