The gameplay of the Mad Max game was revealed (video and screenshots)

The gameplay of the Mad Max game was revealed (video and screenshots) by  5722 views

Firstly Mad Max game was announced at the E3 expo, but only now the developers have decided to show us how it will actually look like. Or, at least, they have given a glimpse of the project's gameplay in its new trailer and screenshots.

Mad Max game is an upcoming third-person shooter with the post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The special appeal of the game is the vehicular combat and the immense wastelands of Australia. The idea of the Mad Max game was taken from the old movie with the same name that was produced in distant 1979. Now you will be able to get into this film and create your own story of this brave warrior.

Yesterday the Mad Max game got the gameplay trailer, but actually only a half of this video is devoted to the gameplay. However, here you will be able to see different vehicles, chases, battles, explosions and, of course, our hero (or not a hero) - Mad Max.

If you haven't noticed all things listed above, we advise you to look at the Mad Max game's screenshots too:





Mad Max game will be released for PC, current and next generation of consoles. Mad Max release date is the 30th of April, 2014.