The first trailer of Gotham TV show was published (movie)

The first trailer of Gotham TV show was published (movie) by  2962 views

The current season of TV series comes to an end, and it’s time for the new announcements. Yesterday FOX channel has revealed its upcoming Gotham TV show – a new project, which will tell us the completely new story about great Batman universe.

Gotham TV show

Gotham TV show is a sort of prequel to the already familiar story of Batman. But here you won’t see this famous superhero. In the upcoming series, James Gordon will be in charge of the law and order on the streets of Gotham. However, Bruce Wayne will be also featured in Gotham TV show. Here we will see his early years and will find out, which events have matured his character.

As we have already mentioned, detective James Gordon will perform the main role in the upcoming Gotham TV show. He will be played by Ben McKenzie – an American actor, who has already taken part in different television projects and several movies. Young Bruce Wayne will be performed by David Mazouz, previously seen in Touch TV series. Also we will be able to meet many famous Batman villains, including Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Riddler and Penguin, in Gotham TV show.

And in order you to be able to get the first glimpse of the upcoming series, we advise you to watch the first Gotham trailer, which was published yesterday:

Gotham TV show starts this fall, but the exact release date of the pilot episode hasn’t been revealed yet. Will you be waiting for it?