The first trailer for Ride to Hell: Route 666

The first trailer for Ride to Hell: Route 666 by  3081 views

Yesterday, Deep Silver has presented the first official video for Ride to Hell: Route 666 game.

We'd like to remind you that the Ride to Hell: Route 666 is a real-time tactical beat ‘em up, which is set on the route 666 from Chicago to Los Angeles. In this game the player should not only create his own gang of bikers, but he also should try to manage it skillfully - give tactical circumspect orders, retire, attack or defend against enemies, and to do all these things depending on the situation.

In Ride to Hell: Route 666, the release of which is scheduled for this summer on PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Arcade and Steam, the fight for every new mile of this route will be an exciting adventure, full of a variety of surprises for you.

And while we are waiting for the game's release, we suggest you to enjoy the first (but we hope not the last) trailer provided by Deep Silver: