The first Cities: Skylines DLC is announced

The first Cities: Skylines DLC is announced by  2209 views

After several months since the launch of the new city-building simulator - Cities: Skylines, - the developers have announced its first expansion. The debut Cities: Skylines DLC is titled After Dark. It will add to the project the day/night cycle. According to the game’s creators, this features will definitely bring some changes into the gameplay, because the citizens’ behavior, the road traffic and the intensity of the enterprises’ performance differs during the various time of day.

Besides, the future Cities: Skylines DLC will include two new specializations. Thus, the players will be able to create and settle the night leisure zones with clubs, bars, etc. as well as the beaches with appropriate shops, restaurants, cafes on the coastline.

Also, the upcoming Cities: Skylines DLC will contain prisons (it will help transfer there criminals from the police stations), taxis, bicycles, bus terminals and more active passenger flow in the international airport.

Currently, there’s no information when exactly the first Cities: Skylines DLC will come out and how much will it cost.