The developers of Bastion revealed new Transistor game

The developers of Bastion revealed new Transistor game by  5878 views

Supergiant Games - the creators of highly rated Bastion game - announced their second project. This time the developers will be working on Transistor game, and it will be action-RPG again.

Transistor game will tell us about young girl - Red - who was almost killed by the group of strange murderers. The girl managed to survive and took a secret weapon of her enemies, and now they want to take it back. Red will be fighting against her opponents, using the magic weapon and trying to find out the truth about it and about its owner.


The action of Transistor game will take place in beautiful science fiction city, and the developers promised that the atmosphere here will be really breathtaking. Also according to the first Transistor game trailer, that was revealed yesterday, in the game there will be another one mystery connected with disappearance of citizens' voices. How this story will impact on Red, still remains unknown, but we are already sure that Transistor game will be full of secrets.

Transistor release date is scheduled for 2014, but the developers haven't decided yet ,whether there will be Transistor game for PC and consoles or only for PC.