The Cities in Motion 2 game has been released today

The Cities in Motion 2 game has been released today by  5428 views
Finnish studio Colossal Order has officially finished the work on Cities in Motion 2. Although the  transport strategy sequel is more like a rather large addition, it quite heavily changed the gameplay, graphics, and the logic of this project.


The player will be at the head of a huge transport company, which controls all available transport in the city. In addition to standard buses, trams, subway lines, which, by the way, there’re as many as three types: underground, light rail and elevated railways, users will have several varieties of sea transport.

Also the developers refused form famous cities in Cities in Motion 2 in order to give the players freedom to build a metropolis as they want. The city grows near already existing traffic lines, for example: skyscrapers rise on the wide avenue, and small apartment houses are situated at the small tram line.


Also there will be a change of day and night time, which will cause traffic jams and differentiated load on a specific type of transport. Although the Cities in Motion 2 players always have the possibility to set management options to the default and devote themselves to construction. The game has two multiplayer modes: cooperative and competition that will make the gameplay more interesting.

Cities in Motion 2 game comes out on April 2 i.e. today, and you already can download it on Steam for $10,99. And you can find other interesting gameplay moments in the trailer below.