Survival shooter - 7FRAMED game – got the first trailer

Survival shooter - 7FRAMED game – got the first trailer by  3160 views

In many modern shooters you are playing a role of a superhero or a supersoldier. It may be interesting for one or several times, but, frankly speaking, we dream about more realistic game that shows our life and not a Hollywood action. 7FRAMED game seems to be a sort of such projects.

7framed game

7FRAMED game lets you play seven different characters, and each of them is a common person. But the heroes of the project find themselves in very rough situations, in which they turn out to be in a wrong place. Now you, as a character, are in great danger, and so have to fight or run.

In the first trailer of 7FRAMED game, we meet a waiter, who should serve a room in a hotel. But when our hero enters the room, he understands that its guest was killed. Now everyone thinks that he is a murderer, and what can he do in this situation? The decision is up to you:

7FRAMED game is under development in young Canadian studio, and now its employees are waiting for money to finish the project. That’s why the article about a game has been published on Kickstarter. The guys need $300000 before the 17th of March, and if you like the trailer above, you can help the developers to create the game.

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