Star Wars: Episode VII script has been finally finished (Movie)

Star Wars: Episode VII script has been finally finished (Movie) by  3807 views

Nine days ago we reported about a possible Jesse Plemons’ joining the cast of this motion picture, and today we would like to tell about the status of the most important document of any film - its script.

Thus, the project’s director - J. J. Abrams - has recently said that the script for Star Wars: Episode VII movie is completely finished, and so it will be shooting soon. Abrams had to make such an announce due to the agitation of many series’ fans, which strongly doubted that the blockbuster will be filmed in time and have the same quality as the previous parts. But the director of the project hastened to assure us that the Star Wars: Episode VII script is finished and polished, and therefore the film will soon be shotting by all the people involved in it - the actors, the director, the operators, the costumers, etc.

"We're working really hard and we've got our script and we're in deep prep," said Abrams. "Full steam ahead, y'know."

We would like to recall you that Star Wars: Episode VII movie is scheduled to be released in late 2015, which means that the project’s team has not much time no make it well. Do you think that they will come up to the deadline? Will this blockbuster have the same high quality as the previous parts of the series? Your comments are always welcomed at the bottom of the page.