Star Wars: Episode VII movie has got some new rumors (Movie)

Star Wars: Episode VII movie has got some new rumors (Movie) by  2857 views

The next part of the legendary space saga - the Star Wars: Episode VII movie - continues getting more and more new rumors. And today, we’d like to share with you the most interesting ones.

So, let’s start in order. According to BBC News, one more actor will join the Star Wars: Episode VII movie. Besides the already revealed participants, about whom you can read here and here, in the future project we’ll also see Miltos Yerolemou. He’s famous for the role of the fencing master - Syrio Forel - in the popular Game of Thrones TV series. So far, it’s unknown which character Yerolemou will play. However, considering his previous role, it’s quite possible that the Star Wars: Episode VII movie will let Miltos demonstrate his skills of the sword play, but this time using a light saber. For the current moment, Lukasfilm studio has rejected to comment this information.


By the way, Miltos Yerolemou is not the first member of the Game of Thrones cast, whom we’ll see in the upcoming motion picture. As it was reported earlier, Gwendoline Christie who plays Brienne of Tarth will also join the next part of the franchise.


The further rumors concern the project’s villains. In our previous article, we told you that the Star Wars: Episode VII movie will show us some Inquisitors as the film’s antagonists and a terrifying half-cyborg as their leader. But according to the unofficial information, in the next instalment of the saga, we’ll witness the returning of Emperor Palpatine who died at the end of the original trilogy. Will this character be resurrected by the writers? Will he become the main villain? Or will Palpatine appear in the scenes, in which Luke Skywalker returns into the past? There are no answers to these questions so far. Well, we can’t even say if such rumors would become the truth.

Also, some other unofficial sources state that Darth Ruin will become the Inquisitors’ leader.

Let us remind you that the Star Wars: Episode VII movie will be launched in December 2015.

So, which rumor do you believe the most? Tell us in the comments below.