Star Wars Episode 7 film has got the new pictures (Movie)

Star Wars Episode 7 film has got the new pictures (Movie) by  3870 views

Only the day before yesterday, we demonstrated you the first photos from the shooting area of the forthcoming blockbuster, and already today we are happy to show you some fresh Star Wars Episode 7 pictures.

If the previous images have presented a couple of movie’s characters, one location and a huge pig, then the new ones demonstrate an uber-secret building - allegedly a big warehouse, - on the territory of which the different fantastic creatures and vehicles have been being constructed. The journalists of TMZ portal, referring to their source, have told that this secret location is set somewhere in the UK. But the most interesting thing isn’t this building, but the subjects that you can see here. Star Wars Episode 7 pictures, presented below, show us… nothing more than the famous spaceship Millennium Falcon! Although it is in the disassembled state,  we are pretty sure what this construction is. But we advise to verify it personally, having looked at the photos below.


Besides Han Solo's spaceship, the fresh pictures also demonstrate the knocked-down pig and a few various vehicles. So, if you are really interested in how Star Wars Episode 7 film is shooting, you should evaluate the new photos for sure.


We’d like to remind you that Star Wars Episode 7 film will hit the cinemas at the end of 2015.