Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer of cooperative play

Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer of cooperative play by  3432 views

Ubisoft has published new Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer, where game’s developers showed us Splinter Cell Blacklist multiplayer mode.

The new video demonstrates us the co-op game mode, which includes 4 missions and 14 different maps. In this mode, the protagonist, Sam Fisher has been working with a partner, Isaac Briggs. 

All the progress made in cooperative missions, will be used for the individual progress of each character in the game. Using the Strategic Mission Interface, Splinter Cell Blacklist is pulling the single player and multiplayer game’s modes together into a cohesive whole, thereby uniting the whole player’s progress in the single profile. By completing each cooperative mission, gamers will have access to new weapons and gadgets that are not available if the developers do not bring co-op mode.

Now you can play Splinter Cell Blacklist online and in split-screen mode. And while we are waiting for Splinter Cell Blacklist release, which is scheduled for the end of August 2013 for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC, we are suggesting you to watch the video of co-op and leave your opinion about it in the comments below.