Sherlock Series 3 is presented in mini-episode (video and screenshots)

Sherlock Series 3 is presented in mini-episode (video and screenshots) by  3780 views

Criminal drama Sherlock that has already conquered the hearts of many fans of detective stories, finally returns to our screens! Sherlock Series 3, the premiere of which will take place on the 1st of January 2014 in England, yesterday got a mini-episode, which is a prequel to the upcoming season.

This trailer, which lasts more than seven minutes, tells us about the events that occurred during two years since the "death" of the TV series’ protagonist.

“Sherlock has been gone for two years. But someone isn't quite convinced that he's dead…”

One of the detectives, who worked with Holmes, suspects that the latter one is not only alive, but he continues his unrivaled investigations (without which he can’t live), but in the distant countries and hiding behind fake names. He solves the most complicated cases, and judging by the places of the scene crimes, he is getting closer to ... England. Is Sherlock going to return? Whether it is true or not, and what his faithful friend Dr. Watson has been doing all these two long years, you can get to know by watching fresh Sherlock Series 3 trailer.

In addition, we would like to please you even more by presenting vivid snapshots of the third season, where you will see, how our heroes have changed over the past two years. Enjoy!


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