Sacred Citadel has presented its launch trailer!

Sacred Citadel has presented its launch trailer! by  2169 views

The Deep Silver’s company offers us the latest Sacred Citadel’s trailer on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PSN, for celebrating its availability on the PlayStation, PC and Xbox 360 from today.

Sacred Citadel is a scrolling horizontal beat'em, which takes place in the rich world of the Sacred. Sacred Citadel reinvents the sensations of classic arcade games, introducing new standards by changing the types of hack and horizontal slash.

The game features several classes of characters, such as the Khukuri Shaman, the Ancarian Ranger  and the Safiri Warrior. Each of them has different personalized skills (customizable through the aspects of RPG) and recoverable objects. The character can use up to two weapons simultaneously, make combos and double jumps. All these elements are perfectly combined in the unique arcade game, in the ultra-detailed visuals and spectacular effects. The player can also use war machines and spend his money in the cities of Sacred Citadel’s world.

Sacred Citadel also proposes a fantastic multiplayer mode with up to three players who can join their forces to confront enemies in co-op "drop-in/drop-out", what allows them to access the game at any time.

In addition, the Sacred Citadel’s history serves a prologue to Sacred 3, the release of which is scheduled for this year on PlayStation 3.